Michigan AG seeks sanctions against lawyers who sided with Trump on election fraud: Report

After weeks of battling with Donald Trump and his allies in the courts, Michigan’s Democratic attorney general has moved beyond threatening to now trying to punish lawyers who have supported the president’s claims of voter fraud.

Controversial AG Dana Nessel is now seeking sanctions against the attorneys, The Detroit News reported Tuesday.

AG seeks sanctions

Nessel, an outspoken critic of Trump and his allies, has not concealed her feelings about the president’s election complaints.

The anti-Trump AG has said that attorneys who have challenged Michigan’s election results should face consequences for what Nessel, and Democrats all over the country, have described as an extraordinary attempt to disenfranchise voters with “baseless,” and possibly racist, conspiracy theories.

“I think we need to go back to a time where you can trust an attorney is making an accurate and truthful representation to the court because if they don’t, then they won’t be able to practice law anymore,” Nessel told The Detroit News.

According to The Washington Times, Nessel is seeking to have lawyers including Sidney Powell sanctioned for their alleged abuses of the court system, which Nessel says involved “intentional misrepresentations” of fact. She may also seek court costs and fees.

“Some of these cases where we know for a fact there were intentional misrepresentations made — the kind of misrepresentation that there is no question of fact that these were inaccurate statements that were presented to the court — yes, myself and also [Michigan] Secretary [of State Jocelyn] Benson, will be filing complaints to the attorney grievance commission,” Nessel said, as The Detroit News reported.

Detroit seeks action

Powell, for her part, has attracted considerable scrutiny for her unverified and controversial claims that Dominion Voting Systems voting machines flipped millions of votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.

Many election challenges from Trump and his allies in Michigan have focused on evidence of voting irregularities at Detroit’s TCF Center, located in Wayne County.

A Wayne voter, Robert Davis, and the city of Detroit are seeking their own sanctions against lawyers for six Michigan Republicans who unsuccessfully challenged the state’s results, The Detroit News reported. They’re calling for the lawyers, including Powell, to be disbarred in federal court and sanctioned with financial penalties for alleged legal harassment.

“The allegations about supposed fraud in the processing and tabulation of absentee ballots by the city at the TCF Center have been rejected by every court which has considered them,” the city said, according to The Detroit News.

Trump, meanwhile, has vowed to keep fighting what he calls a “rigged” election. “VOTER FRAUD IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY, IT IS A FACT!!!” he tweeted on Christmas Eve.

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