Cost of housing migrant children eclipses $3B under Biden admin: Report

A recent surge in migration isn’t the only crisis President Joe Biden is having to contend with on the southern border.

According to the Washington Examiner, the cost of housing tens of thousands of incoming migrant children has now eclipsed $3 billion under the Biden administration — and a hefty portion of that money went to private companies and nonprofits that won contracts without going through the typical bidding process.

It’s all starting to amount to a budding scandal for the administration, particularly as some of those contractors have close ties to Biden and the White House.

Scandals on scandals

According to an Associated Press report cited by the Examiner, more than $2 billion of the money spent on the border under Biden so far has gone to just three firms that were contracted by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to help with providing temporary housing for unaccompanied minors who cross into the U.S.

The first is a private, New York-based company known as Deployed Resources LLC, which was awarded a contract worth $719 million to construct and operate a 1,500-bed tent facility in Donna, Texas. The Alabama-based Rapid Deployment Inc. meanwhile received two contracts totaling $614 million to oversee a housing facility for migrant children at Fort Bliss near El Paso.

The facility is said to be the largest of its kind and is expected to be expanded to as many as 10,000 beds.

Finally, a Texas-based nonprofit known as Family Endeavors Inc. received two no-bid contracts totaling $667 million — $580 million to manage an emergency intake facility in Pecos, Texas, and $87 million to provide hotel rooms and additional services to migrant families.

Each of the firms reportedly skirted the standard process for bidding on federal contracts.

More problems for Biden

According to the Examiner, the HHS “also diverged from policies that mandate any child care facility be state-licensed, a measure in place to prevent abuse and neglect of minors in government facilities.”

Worse still for the Biden administration are reports that one of the three firms — Family Endeavors — received a lucrative contract just after it had hired as a top executive a former member of Biden’s presidential transition team.

Axios first revealed the news in an April report that claimed Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official who later served as a senior adviser to Biden’s transition team on matters related to the Department of Homeland Security, now works as senior director for migrant services and federal affairs at the nonprofit.

While there’s no sign of any illegal activity, it all raises questions about how the Biden administration has handled the crisis at the border. And try as the White House might to deflect, those questions aren’t going away any time soon.

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18 Responses

  1. cut cost feed them mr obamas school lunch menus for breakfast lunch and dinner and they will escape and run back home???? the other mr obama michael

    1. Sadly – that would go through another Biden contractor kick back and cost another $1B – WERE ALL SO SCREWED. This mindless person calling himself president is a useless puppet.

    1. Just one more unveiling of corruption that no one will do anything to punish the players. At best we may have a congressional hearing where the select few will mug for the cameras and blow hot air. Afterwards they will walk away and do nothing as usual. Our government has become a pathetic failure to it’s people.

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  3. I hope you republican senators will step up get Biden tied up in court so he cannot do more damage while Az. Gets there audit counting done then hopefully we can get rid of his rotten administration for good.

  4. seems to me very soon he be arrested,only fuofilment of mone neglecting and waistin tax dollar achieve full action from Supreme Court, His end is not far away, responsibilities never run away from any human, presidents are not excluded ,esspecialy ignorants and haters others who disagree with his evil movements against Americans

  5. I hope this money is coming out of Biden’s, Harris’, Pelosi’s, Schumer’s and the rest of the radical liberal commie’s pockets. The tax payers should not have to put out this money for illegal, let alone give them free housing, medical and money to spend each month. Enough is Enough. The Biden Administration does not care for the American People. Time to get rid of this traitorous administration and congress.

  6. Biden is not calling the shots its that peace of sh-t Harris bidden is brain dead we can see it every time he opens his mouth.

  7. What is it going to take to get rid of the idiots and criminals in Washington. This country is going to hell with these people running it. Why don’t they have to answer to their traitor ways. There should be enough on Biden to get him for treason. He is guilty for sure. He needs to go down before he ruins the great country.

  8. Why are we having to pay for all the illegals a place to stay???? We can’t even do that for all the service men and women that went to war for our country!!! Send all the illegal immigrants back across the border. We as a country need to help find all the homeless service men and women a place to live…not the illegal aliens….. Send them all to Biden’s house and let him take care of them…. he’s the reason they’re all here. CLOSE THE BORDER….. CONTINUE TO BUILD THE WALL… IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER and others that are ruining our country……

    1. Impeach them all that is biggest joke of the year ,seem that our DOJ can’ t seem to do anything about crime any more. Better yet everyone stop paying taxes, this could stop them if our taxpayers would all just do it. Keeping them all tied up in court will help too. But there are lot simpler things that can be done. Nuff Said!!!

  9. this is crazy we have hundreds of Americans living on the street and now we have a president who is just using our tax payers money for illegals it looks like this president is only working for the illegals and not for the benefits of we the people

  10. And when Donald Trump asked for $2 billion ti finish the border security wall which would have protected the country from an invasion like this, Democrats told us they just couldn’t find the money to fund the project.

  11. Get ready for the big swindle from the left, they really want those illegals to be able to vote in this upcoming election…..

  12. What a complete disgrace Biden/Harris/Pelosi & all the Democrats have become. They lie, spew hate & are always getting caught doing illegal crimes which some how they never go to jail for. Obama, Hillary with Russia gate no charges??? Pelosi, Waters, Cuomo, Whitmore, Swalwell, Schumer, Schiff, Hunter & Biden crime family inciting violence & riots, threating others, treason with China, committing voter fraud etc. no charges & then there is Biden & Harris, derelict of duty, not protecting our boarder which is part of their oath of office plus so much more no charges!! YET NOT A ONE HAS HAD ANY REAL CHARGES BROUGHT AGAINST THEM OR BEEN REALLY BROUGHT IN FOR QUESTIONING!! AMAZING, & Biden wants Republicans to start agreeing with him on what how to be a low down criminal stupid fool?????

  13. When will the people of this great nation realize that biden and company are the most corrupt “corporation” that ever took the White House. They have been dishonest from day one…cancelling the XL pipeline, cancelling our energy independence and more with the stroke of the pen.
    Having all these illegals entering our country as if they were truly welcome is a ploy to embolden the democratic party for years to come IF we do not stop them (biden) sooner than later.
    Their goal is complete control and absolute power–of course, we know what happens with absolute power: absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    They do not care for the American people nor do they love this country.
    Have you ever since January heard biden say: God bless America or God bless this nation? NO is the answer. He has no love for this country, nor for the constitution, nor for the military, nor for the average workers who actually are the integral parts of what makes this nation great. He ignores that because his ultimate goal is complete control and Power…Power over you, the people. He needs these illegals. The fact that a few companies were awarded the “contracts” to house these illegals and unaccompanied minors is all part of the plan…bidding was never part of the plan. He does not care whose money he uses as long as it is not his nor his family’s…his extended family.
    He is turning this nation from a strong free independent nation to a crippled and dependent third world. Biden is the #1 hypocrite that ever sat and occupied the White House. He has no love for this nation. Have you filled your car lately? Gone to the grocery store? He said, “No taxes would be raised for anyone making under $400,000” and silently he says, “However, YOU WILL PAY AND PAY AND PAY THROUGH INCREASES IN EVERYTHING FROM FUEL, FOOD, HOUSING, AND MORE. Because, someone has to pay for the hundreds of thousands of illegals entering this country, for the drugs entering this country, for the gangs that are entering this country, for the terrorists that try each day to enter this country. Do not be deceived by this wolf in sheep’s clothing…he speaks with forked tongue!

  14. This is outrageous. The Biden administration must be stopped. Not only are they ignoring the border crisis, Biden has given (not even sold) one of our most important national resources to the Chinese, the vaccine formula. He is killing America right and left. He needs to be stopped. Call or write your Senators and your Congrerssmen/women. Do it every day.

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