Migrants in Mexico wave Biden flag as many believe U.S. border is now open

President Joe Biden came into office on the promise to reverse as many of his predecessor’s immigration policies as possible and effectively ushered in a worsening crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Although his administration is denying responsibility for the influx of undocumented immigrants, recent reports revealed that a migrant camp just across the border from San Diego, California, features a huge Biden flag, and hundreds of individuals being housed there believe the president is preparing shelter for them in the U.S.

Mixed messaging

The camp began to fill up in February after the White House reversed former President Donald Trump’s policy of detaining immigrants on the Mexican side of the border.

Many migrants appear to have mistaken the new policy allowing them to wait in America as a signal that the border was open, leading to an overwhelming spike in migration.

The situation, which the Biden administration still largely refuses to label a “crisis,” has led to overcrowded conditions at migrant facilities and overworked border patrol agents.

In effect, many undocumented immigrants are being fingerprinted and released into American communities without even having received a court date.

Despite the president’s official position that migrants should not make the perilous journey to the border, the situation seems to be precisely what many in his party hope to see.

An uncertain future

For starters, the chaos could present a unique opportunity for more federal intrusion. Additionally, any pathway to citizenship could present the Democratic Party with a wave of new voters.

Some critics even see the increased level of immigration as a way to usher in a globalist movement without firm borders, thus threatening American sovereignty on a fundamental level.

In any case, the federal government is currently under Democratic control, so any potential change in border policy could be difficult to stop — at least in the short term.

Border states like Texas are taking whatever steps they can to stem the tide, but they face serious limitations in comparison to the resources available on the federal level.

Voters will have an opportunity to respond to the current administration and Democratic-controlled Congress in next year’s midterm races — but until then, Americans seem to be stuck with the consequences of November’s election.

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20 Responses

  1. Hey all you “city-dwelling” “biden, and the “ho” voters, hope you enjoy your “new neighbors” your dementia-inflicted “hero”, and “heels-up harris” are dumping into your areas by the BUSLOAD. Welcome to communist control.
    “buyers remorse” yet?

  2. This is a disgrace what Biden has done we can’t feed our homeless must less letting illegal people in I blame Biden for this crisis no need to fight the virus when he lets illegal people in with the virus they have not been vaccinated Why don’t Biden and Kamala go to the Border? Scared of the virus

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  4. Biden should be impeached. He has opened the boarder. Criminals ,sick people, smuggled drugs.This man has done nothing for the people of the US but hate an descent to America.Now the SOB wants our guns.Only a fool would give up his guns. It;s all about commie CONTROL!

  5. Oh, your going to defund the police and then take our guns, trying to leave us unable to defend ourselves with no hope that the police are on their way.
    Not a chance I’m giving up my guns!
    Nor are any of my american friends.

    1. The communist way! Indoctrinate the children, take your guns, corrupt the free press Shut down free debates and free speech. It is getting there. tThe former Russian president Gorbachev said they would not have to take the US it would be taken within itself. guess what that is exactly what is happening today by corrupt politicians. Remind you of the Roman empire?????

    2. Mark
      There must be some way to impeach him He lied,cheated, and 3 states know for sure there was cheating He NEEDS to GO along with Harris, The Dems have this much Power?? Are we looking at a WAR on our Home Land?? GET RID OF THOSE 2 Now before it is to Late God Help US

  6. States & Cities should refuse to allow them in for safety & health reasons alone. With b.s. like sanctuary cities & states like Michigan & Oregon who allow the riots & abusive shutdown things to go on, keeping unidentified & untested people to bring disease of all kinds & crime should be an easier thing to defend than sanctuary cities? Just don’t let them stay, make the Feds force you if they can. I just don’t see how they can enforce it. There will be more stuff to refuse to enforce since it’s not law, it’s just an unexplained , unargued in Congress thing this nursing home person is signing. It’ll get worse if all States & Cities don’t stand up.

  7. Texas, and Arizona must make life as miserable as possible for Sleepy, and the the other MORONS in charge. I believe that Americans as a whole do not want to take their frustrations out on these border crossers, but I think that if they continue to destroy our sovereignty, people will. The government may act welcoming, but American citizens will not, and start treating them like the illegals they are. Maybe then they will relay the message home that they are not welcome in this manner.

  8. All governors, county boards and mayors should reject all illegals being off loaded in their communities. Send them straight to WDC.

  9. Here is an idea, Lets make it a law that Biden and his idiot Democrats should have to take in a dozen or so migrants into their homes, then they can support them.

    1. Ron that is a excellent idea. start with Biden,Harris,Pelosi,Schumer, for a start, lets have a vote majority rule.l

  10. Bidum has not done anything right the entire time he has been in politics, why listen to this idiot now

  11. We as American citizens need to go to mexican borders and protect them from mexicans who are trying to enter our country illegally.Hope to see you there!

  12. Bet the democrats have taken illegals to conservative states so that the China virus increases since we all know the illegals have it and are not being detained or treated at the border! Border police were instructed by obiden to turn them loose into America without treatment or even court dates!! Americans will pay the price in dollars and health because of communist Washington democrats and obiden administration! They want to get rid of as many of us as they can by doing these illegal actions that will not be enforced on them!!!

  13. According to them, ithey have done NOTHING wrong although they started signaling (already before he got the office) that he would open the border; but don’t you know that the left can do NOTHING wrong, and even if they did, they would never admit it…
    We now have an administration, run by an individual, who has dementia, and who does NOT have a clue to how to run our country, but is set on negating ANY LAW or Bill signed by Trump, since the left HATE him that much …..
    Although it is NOT the pandemic, the ramification could be just as bad, since all the bills about work has NOW been cancelled out and those people are now sitting at home, many of them fuming over loss of work and money, and maybe no chance of getting any job soon……So we wait for next year and hopefully we just might have a chance of taking back part of government if not all…..

  14. How much does a large flag cost? Who made it, where was it made, how did it get there, who paid for it?????????

  15. Where did all the Biden flags and t-shirts come from? Who bought them, who handed them out? What is Biden hiding by not letting the press see what is going on in those detention centers? Why all the secrecy? We have a right to know all these things! This is OUR country, we have the right to shut down OUR border if Biden refuses to protect our country! Where are the civilian militias? Why haven’t they gone to help secure the border? Something is NOT right with all this! What is REALLY going on?

  16. If the communist dems can try to impeach someone who is a private citizen why can’t we impeach a demented jerk in office illegally? Time to grow,a pair gop.

  17. This administration is defunct to say the least !!! Now, cartels are involved and providing money for human trafficking and drugs – not to mention other illegals from other countries ??? When is this bull going to stop ??? When it’s to late to do anything about it ??? America, this is your country do you really want to put up with this ???

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