White House communications director claims migrant surge at the border is ‘cyclical event’

The mounting disaster at the southern border is getting so bad that even reporters in the mainstream media are beginning to demand answers from the Biden administration.

During an interview with White House communications director Kate Bedingfield on Sunday, ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl pushed back when Bedingfield claimed that the current migrant influx is a “cyclical event,” according to Breitbart.

“What we see from the data is that these surges are cyclical,” Bedingfield said. “They’re cyclical. They’re not the result of one administration’s policies or another administration’s policies.”

She continued, “They’re the result of, for example, weather disasters in the region. They’re the result of people fleeing poverty and violence. So we saw spikes in 2014. We saw them in 2019 when the Trump administration had perhaps the cruelest imaginable policies in place, family separation to try to deter people from coming, and they still came.”

Karl pushes back

Despite Bedingfield’s insistence, Karl pointed out that the numbers simply don’t support her narrative.

“But, Kate, there is something different here, and that is the unaccompanied minors, and we already have a record number of unaccompanied minors in U.S. custody,” he said.

Karl continued, “And in just a single day last week, there were 1,000 additional minors who were caught capturing — who were brought into U.S. custody coming across the border.”

“These are record numbers already, and the seasonal surge that you’re talking about is only just beginning,” he added.

Biden-made crisis

Far from being a regular occurrence, the mass migration of illegal migrants to the southern border is directly attributable to rhetoric and policy decisions coming out of the Biden White House.

Fox News reported in late January that Biden was ending the “Remain in Mexico Policy,” a rule imposed by the Trump administration that required asylum seekers to stay on the Mexican side of the border while their claims were being processed.

That same month he announced a 100 day moratorium on deportations, although the move is being challenged in federal court.

What’s more, Biden essentially invited illegal immigrants to the country during a 2019 Democratic presidential primary debate when he said, “We’re a nation that says, ‘You want to flee, and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.'”

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15 Responses

  1. It not going to be just a illegal migrants there bringing the virus with them and a stronger Brazil virus version that don’t even know if the vaccine will work on but they don’t care and they just opened the borders and bus them all over the country and there other diseases to TB what other diseases there coming to a neighborhood near you can that the democrats and Biden and Harris

    1. WE have the perfect excuse to stop immigration for now due to Covid. Why on earth would Biden open the doors NOW? Oh yes, more potential voters- that’s right.
      Disgusting! Infecting the country with Covid.

      1. Kate when we are back in the high numbers with Covid 19 again they will blame it on Presidence Trump he didn’t open any borders Biden done it along with the high courts the Surpreme Court is nothing but a joke anymore they can’t be trusted well most of them not all of them

  2. The border is WIDE OPEN to anyone and anything! Criminals, Terrorists Cartel YOU NAME IT! Child Trafficking!! This is a nightmare! IT IS ALL BIDEN’S!! HE OWNS THIS ONE plus others! Nothing like a nightmare that YOU created JOE!

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  4. I think that as a People (Americans) we are looking at this all wrong.
    Let them sign a contract that they will stay and live where relocated for a
    period of say 5 years. Then buss them to Washington D.C. as Citizens with
    the same status as those of other territories carry.
    For 5 or more years…..Problem sloved.

  5. Biden is an absolute idiot. Watch the last press conference. That is totally senior abuse. His mind is gone and everyone knows it

  6. “Biden Slips Up, Makes “fatal mistake”. Seriously? That headline is nothing but click bait. No need to overly sensationalize. Just report the facts. People will readily see what a complete moron Biden is. We are not all twelve years old. When you use deceptive language like that, not only is it not necessary, it is juvenile and just plain stupid.

  7. Hey Karl, isn’t this what YOU and ALL the other reporters wanted, since you voted for it, or did it become more than you thought it would ever be, even though we warned you people……
    NOT only did you foister it until the American people, but also until yourselves, so NOW all I can say is “LIVE WITH IT”….If we are lucky maybe we might be lucky enough next year to do something about it……….

  8. Thanks//>
    To the point ..(by all due respect) Mr. President Joe Biden, his problem is totally “INCOHERENT” plus WEAK & ‘STRUGGLING..furthermore, we know & they all know..too! So! here a brief description, unfortunately, ‘looks” SENIL/SENILE (adj) .Dictionary ..shows..a loss of mental faculties, & furthermore is a condition, characteristic of cause by old age (senile decay)….
    Friends …guys….but?? the good thing is….that suddenly ! WE’RE SCREWED
    Gotcha! ..Charlie G/Sr………….the USA! Ole Ole!

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