Mike Pence believes Republicans will gain control of Congress

Former Vice President Mike Pence stated during an interview on Breitbart News on Saturday that Republicans have a track record that Americans can look at, according to the newsgroup.

The former vice president said things can turn around under the right leadership as America experienced energy independence and a “booming” economy under the Trump/Pence administration, ultimately forecasting a Republican takeover in Congress.

Ten days before election day, the former vice president reminded viewers on the program that Republicans, as opposed to Democrats, have been committed to the issues that matter to Americans.

“Republicans and conservatives have been focusing on the issues the American people are focused on, which is the disastrous policy results of the Biden/Harris administration,” Pence said, explaining that Biden’s administration has systematically promoted policies “that have weakened America at home and abroad.”

“Inflation at a 40-year high, gasoline prices up 60 percent because of their war on energy,” he said. “We’ve got a crime wave in our major cities, and of course, the worst crisis on our southern border.”

The former vice president said that these are issues Republicans remain focused on.

“The media was chasing one other issue after another,” he said, explaining that Democrats are following their routine pattern and still trying to make their campaign about “something else.”

“But those issues are what are top of mind for Americans,” Pence said. The American people under the Trump/Pence administration witnessed a completely different America, he continued.

“You know, we had a booming economy, 7 million jobs. We stood strong on the world stage. We stood with our military,” Pence went on.

“We literally became energy independent, and we reduced illegal immigration by 90 percent. So I think Republicans are not just focused on the issues that the American people are focused on, but we also have a record,” Pence said.

Americans are aware that the nation can turn things around with the appropriate leadership as a result, he continued.

“So Americans know that with the right leadership in the Congress … and in the statehouses around the country, we can start to turn our country back to the security and prosperity that we experienced during those four years of the Trump/Pence administration,” Pence said.