Mike Tyson reveals his political leanings in Newsmax interview

Boxing great Mike Tyson has just revealed that, politically, he aligns with conservatives. 

Tyson made the admission during a recent interview that he did on Newsmax’s The Record with Greta Van Susteren. There, he was asked whether he follows politics.

“Listen,” Tyson replied, “if I start talking politics my friends aren’t going to like me, and let’s just not do that, okay? Let’s just not do that. My family gets mad. My friends get mad when we talk politics.”

Van Susteren, though, despite Tyson’s reluctance, proceeded to press the issue.

“It’s common sense”

Van Susteren continued by asking Tyson whether he aligns more to the right, as a conservative, or more to the left, as a liberal. Tyson, although clearly reluctant, proceeded to answer the question, and honestly.

“Now, listen,” Tyson responded. “When I was younger, I was an all-out liberal.”

“But,” Tyson continued, “as I get older and I look at my children and I see what’s out there in the world, I get a little conservative. It’s common sense, looking at the world we have now. You want safety.”

Tyson, Trump, DeSantis

Van Susteren next continued by asking Tyson for his opinions on former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), given that Tyson lives in Florida, where DeSantis is the governor and where Trump maintains his Mar-a-Lago residence. Tyson, though, refused to “talk names,” fearing the backlash that he would receive from the mainstream media if he were to do so.

“I can’t talk names,” Tyson said. “The last time I tried to talk politics publicly, wow, did they give me a beating.”

Tyson went on to explain that by “they” he is referring to United States mainstream media outlets. Tyson continued, “I now stay away from politics and religion. They stole my freedom of speech.”

It is probably safe to infer, here, that Tyson has a least a somewhat positive opinion of Trump and/or DeSantis, otherwise, he would not have to fear a backlash from the mainstream media.

Either way, we Republicans, no doubt, are happy to welcome Tyson to the club. The more the merrier.

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