Missouri Senate votes 22-10 to OK bill preventing police from enforcing federal gun control measures

Republicans in Missouri just eked out a big win when it comes to protecting their constituents’ Second Amendment rights.

According to the Associated Press, the Missouri state Senate voted 22–10 on Thursday to pass a bill that would, in effect, nullify any new gun control legislation enacted by President Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington.

The measure would block local police departments in the state from enforcing federal gun laws, the AP reports.

Departments that flout the policy could be sued by the state and face up to $50,000 in fines per officer found in violation of the rule.

“Could not wait any longer”

The bill is known as the “Second Amendment Preservation Act.” Reports note that if passed, the measure wouldn’t apply to federal law enforcement officials in the state.

The legislation passed the state Senate on Thursday along party lines. It’s now headed to Missouri’s House, which will decide whether to send the measure to the desk of Gov. Mike Parson (R) for a signature.

In a statement Friday, Missouri state Sen. Eric Burlison (R) said the matter is urgent, as he’s “increasingly concerned about the president and his administration attempting to restrict our right to keep and bear arms.”

“This is an issue that could not wait any longer,” Burlison said. “Ultimately, I believe the purpose of the Second Amendment is to provide the citizens of our country with the ability to defend ourselves, and, if it comes to it, to push back against a tyrannical government.”

He went on: “I am thrilled so many of my colleagues stood with me and worked to protect the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding Missourians.”

“Not going to lift a finger”

Reports indicate that Missouri lawmakers have been trying to get a bill like this one passed for years with little success. The measure’s passing in the state Senate last week comes after several other states have looked into similar legislation.

In the meantime, the Biden White House is making clear that it won’t be slowing its roll on gun control. Fortunately, members of the GOP across the country aren’t willing to give in.

“We’re not eliminating federal firearms laws in Missouri,” Burlison told Breitbart. “We’re just simply saying we’re not going to lift a finger to enforce their rules.”

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  5. Good job Missouri way to protect our constitutional second amendment rights from the tyrannical Biden and the crazed democraps.
    Too beat these Marxist democraps we must put up solid constituionalist conservative republicans and beat them at the polls. If don’t take down the democraps they will destroy our republic.

  6. You should be saying that all federal laws regarding gun control are null and oid in each individual state, menaing in this case Missouri and that state, county, city, local police can’t help enforce any federal laws.

  7. Okay Texas, do we have a law like this? If not, let’s get busy, as there is not time to waste. These Marxists are not waiting around, so why should we??

    Get With it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. This is no place for advertising or commercials so get lost idiot communists.
    All states get and vote for the Second Admen.

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