Mitch McConnell collapses in the polls as Dems take control of Congress

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) popularity is collapsing — and fast.

According to Newsweek, the latest Gallup poll shows McConnell bleeding support, even among Republican voters.

Breaking down the numbers

Notably, the poll was taken from Jan. 4–15, a period that saw everything from a pair of wins for Democrat Senate candidates in Georgia that granted Dems control of both houses of Congress to a riot on Capitol Hill that delayed the certification of the 2020 Electoral College votes.

As for McConnell, it seems voters aren’t impressed by his handling of it all. According to Newsweek, of more than 1,000 respondents, 64% told Gallup that they had an unfavorable view of the new minority leader.

Just 22% said they approved of McConnell’s job performance, according to Gallup‘s polling.

It only gets worse

Meanwhile, a similar poll from YouGov pegged McConnell at his lowest favorability rating since November 2017, Newsweek noted.

Among those in the GOP, the numbers only get worse for McConnell: just 42% — less than half — of Republicans surveyed by Gallup expressed support for the senator, Newsweek reported. It’s a sharp drop from this time last year; in a February 2020 poll, McConnell had the support of nearly 7 in 10 Republicans, according to Newsweek.

In the same time frame, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has seen an uptick in popularity, with 44% expressing support for her in the latest Gallup poll, compared to 39% who said the same last February, the pollster noted.

Looking to the future

It all begs the question: what is exactly is going on here? While there’s no easy answer, it’s not hard to speculate.

McConnell first started taking flak from his own caucus late last year, when he was one of the first Republicans to publicly accept then-President Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 White House race. After the Electoral College named Joe Biden the winner of that election in mid-December, McConnell started referring to the Democrat as the “president-elect,” and he encouraged Senate Republicans not to object to the reported results, Politico noted.

Add to that McConnell’s reported openness to voting to convict Trump in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial, and the minority leader has found himself in a tough spot, especially as a full half of Republican voters maintain that the former president should play a “major role” in the GOP going forward, according to a Morning Consult poll shared by Forbes this week.

Luckily for McConnell, he has the next six years to try to win Republicans over before he’s up for re-election. Only time will tell, however, if he succeeds in that effort.

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38 Responses

  1. McConnell is a traitor to our party and our President. He should resign. He is a swamp deep state dweller. He never liked Trump and never really supported him. He like many RINO’s are more comfortable with Biden. God save us from these traitors.

    1. So true, it said collapse I was hope he actually collapsed and was on his way to meet his maker….sorry but true.

      1. Senator McConnell is the prime enabler in getting over 300 federal judges seated, but, he is too quick to jump over or onto the fence; maybe, he might try stopping by the spine doctor to get a better back bone; 👩‍🔧

    2. Paul Ryan and McConnell were actively undermining and betraying Trump before he came down the escalator at Trump Towers. Actually both of them should be indicted as traitors and committing treason. Both are one world government hacks and don’t ever think their is a America first between them.

  2. It is fair game on RINOS and people who vote republican are tired of the BS. We all know the commie democrats and RED CHINA JOE defrauded the vote and we will never get another fair election. TAKE CALIFORNIA FOR EXAMPLE if you don’t see the way the communists take over.

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  4. Impeach McConnell Cheney and the rest of the rhinos. No Republican leadership.
    Impeach Biden, Harris pelosi and the rest of the corrupt unlawfully abiding radical dems. So tried of them changing our laws to fit their needs. Remember as pelosi and Schumer preach. No one is above the law. That includes you too. Our president Trump followed the constitution. You didn’t. U need be punished.

  5. I am afraid the Republicans will never be able to win an important vote again.
    The Democrats have found a way to cheat the system and get away with it. From now on we will have a one party system. Just like China, Russia,Cuba and so many communist countries.

    1. amen – now the gop rnc want money to fight the fraud that took place. what a joke – they don’t know how to fight just use citizens

  6. cornyn and collins need to go to. But cornyn will stay…he just got reelected for 6 years and he thinks he will slide into mitch’s seat…and that would be a disaster because he is a deep swamp dweller.

    1. Cornyn is as bad if not worse than Mitch, but whoever they replace mcconnell with I will never support the republicans again. We need a new party that puts America first.

  7. McConnell, Has to go. And i mean soon. Republican Party can not support Rinos . Republicans HAVE to STICK TOGETHER and fight off Democrats destruction of America. Biden will cripple America if not destroy us.

  8. Agreed! The republicans need to clean house, get the rinos out, vote in true patriots that cannot be bought! Then we can get our country back.

  9. What McConnell, Pence and the POS Republicans did to this country is unforgivable. They have left a nation inconsolable trying to make sense of it all.
    That why I was hoping Trump would start a new party, and make Washington the new Elephant burial ground (figuratively speaking).
    So I guess the next best thing is to start replacing these traitors if they see we mean business maybe there is a chance we’ll survive
    I know one thing I will not donate one penny if the RNC thinks status quo is something we have to live with.

    1. McConnell renaged on his oath of office by not pursuing the charges of voter fraud in the election and the Georgia runoff. His condemnation of Trump’s insistence of voter fraud since then is also an unforgivable offense. With hundreds of sworn affidavits showing voter fraud as well as the visible illegal voter rules changes in a number of states he is either brain dead, or at the minimum derelict in his duty and probably a trator.

  10. I SAY NO MORE TALK BUT A LOT MORE ACTION !!!!!!!!!!! We the people put them in there, now is the time we the people take them out of there before it’s to LATE !!!!

  11. Impeach McConnell or at least remove him from his leadership role. I will not contribute to RNC or GOP. I will donate to individual candidates who stand behind TRUMP.

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