Mitt Romney wins praise for challenging White House claims about Social Security

 March 18, 2023

Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney's positions have often been derided by conservatives, such as his decision in 2020 to support former President Donald Trump's impeachment.

However, Romney's recent exchange with a White House official had Red State contributor Nick Arama praising the senator for having finally gotten "something right."

The incident occurred on Thursday and involved Shalanda Young, who serves as director of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Romney at one point took issue with President Joe Biden's claim during his State of the Union address that Republicans seek to cut Social Security.

Romney repeatedly asked Young if she had "heard of proposals from a current senator or congressman currently proposing to cut benefits to Social Security."

"Yes. Have they changed their position? Maybe, but yes. Members who are current—" Young began to reply before  Romney interrupted and demanded to know whether such proposals had been made in recent months or even the past year.

"Current members have well-known policies out there to cut Social Security and Medicare," Young said before Romney shot back that her words were "simply wrong" and "not honest."

Romney complains

Romney also complained that despite his rhetoric, Biden took no effort to protect Social Security in his recent budget proposal.

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