Anti-cop mob harass and intimidate diners at NYC restaurant

Following the guilty verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on Tuesday, Black Lives Matter-affiliated protesters took to the streets of New York City.

At one point, the mob stopped outside a family-owned restaurant in Brooklyn and harassed a group of diners on an outdoor patio, demanding they “get the f*** out” of the city, the New York Post reported.

Video footage of the confrontational mob went viral on social media.

Mob harasses diners

The video, shared by independent journalist Andy Ngo, showed a man standing atop a table next to the outdoor dining area while leading the mob in the explicit call-and-response-style of chant.

“Stay the f*** out of New York,” he yelled, followed in suit by the crowd. “We don’t want you here … We don’t want your f***ing money … We don’t want your f***ing taquerias … Owned by f***ing white men.”

The chant leader actually seemed to lose the support of some of his comrades in decrying taquerias, that is, until he added the caveat regarding the racial identity of the restaurant’s owner.

After having just asserted that “We don’t want your f***ing money,” a woman within the mob shouted “Tip 30%,” which was then repeated by the chant leader and the rest of the mob amid cheers and laughter and more shouting.

NYC Shut It Down

The Post noted that the restaurant that was targeted is known as the Maya Taqueria in Prospect Heights, owned by a man named Daniel Nasser.

Nasser has operated that dining establishment for 11 years with his family and has become a “neighborhood staple” over that time, employing staff from the area and helping to support their families.

As for the angry mob harassing innocent diners, Newsweek reported that it is a BLM-affiliated leftist anti-cop group known as NYC Shut It Down, which began its march through the city at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Other videos of the group showed that, in addition to stopping to “castigate the outdoor diners” at the Maya Taqueria, the mob also marched across the Manhattan Bridge and, at another point, harassed a group of NYPD officers while demanding those officers “quit your job.”

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17 Responses

  1. if i lived in NYC i’d carry a can of bear spray and a thaser. if they came up me i would pull out that can of bear spray and ask them if wanted for to spray them or they could get the devil away from my table

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  3. They dont want our money except the money they get from our taxes. They are a bunch of entitled losers who take anything and give nothing.

  4. NYC needs to take up a law like Florida. Put their butt in jail and let them stay there without bond until after judge hearing. All states ought to make it official so they can stop this bullying of these ignore people. Stop talking and take some action to let them know, they are not above the law.

  5. Had it been my family sitting there enjoying a dinner and those thugs decided to jump up on tables and be extremely disrespectful and threatening they would have been put down quick and you wonder why upstanding citizens no criminal records can apply for and have the right to carry and bear arms and aren’t afraid to use them. This new White House, government Biden and his VP or should we say Biden is the VP since you can’t make a Harris just hides and won’t make a decision on anything they’re going to cause a civil war and they are to blind and too stupid to see it all they’re trying to do is load their pockets with dirty money biden’s 100% proof of that. In my entire life I never thought I would say this but I am humiliated and ashamed of Biden Harris and pelosi they have destroyed the United States in the eyes of Japan China the Ukraine Russia the’re a disgrace as Representatives are the great United States of America

  6. When you go to eat you better be packing. Enough. Anyone comes up to me and tell me I don’t belong. They will be walking out on one leg. Enough. If the FBI and DOJ and the feds won’t stop these terrorists the American people will. I am a 70 years old. Not afraid to fight for my freedoms. I have seen enough hate and violence.

  7. It’s the ideologies by decades of dumbing down watching worthless television brainwashed by stupid. Read the Koran to learn American’s future. They have temparily moved from Political Islam to Critical Race Theory.

  8. That’s not African- American, that’s a bunch a Niger’s acting like jungle bunnies,see in the south we all act like civil jhuman beings and people of all race get along.,like people should.

  9. It’s time to give them what they want…..a fight they will not win. STAND UP PEOPLE STOP LETTING THEM IMTIMATED YOU.

  10. The only way to fight fire is with fire. A lot of whites don’t want to stand up for themselves as soon as the left starts with their accusations of “white supremacy” or “racism”. But if these BLM maggots aren’t terrorists and racists, nobody is. Whites are going to have to form groups like the Ku Klux Klan was formed to combat reconstruction thieves and criminals and their black lackeys after the Civil War was lost. If whites keep on backing down as soon as they start with their word games, this country will be lost.

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