Report: Moderates feeling left out by radical left Biden agenda

Under President Joe Biden, the radical left is having its day in the sun; despite campaigning as a “moderate,” Biden has taken a sharply radical approach that has alienated Republicans and even some Democrats in the center.

Prominent progressives have been getting valuable face time with Biden’s lackeys, leaving Democrats in the middle feeling pressured to “all just line up” with the party’s most liberal members, according to Politico.

On the campaign trail, former President Donald Trump attacked Biden as a senile “puppet” who would bring “left-wing fascism” to America. Conservatives would say that Trump’s warning was a prescient one, but it’s not just the right that is unhappy.

Moderates feeling pressured

Politico‘s Playbook reports “tensions” in the Democratic Party as moderates complain of being under an expectation to “line up” with the left.

“People were definitely sore that they invited over some of the lefties,” said one moderate Democratic lawmaker.

Top progressives such as Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have been able to meet with Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, to lobby the administration on issues like the filibuster and a $15 minimum wage, according to Politico and Axios.

Meanwhile, Klain hasn’t met with House committee chairs, taking centrists by surprise. There’s plenty at stake, with Democrats eager to leave their stamp on a multi-trillion spending package that Biden will share Wednesday.

Biden the moderate?

Biden has shown little interest in working with Republicans, recently threatening to nuke the filibuster to ram his agenda through.

Trump has been taking the chance to say “I told you so” since Biden’s inauguration, recently comparing him to “Bernie Sanders on steroids,” as Biden pushes ahead with a de facto open borders policy.

To be sure, some on the left have said that Biden isn’t liberal enough, with Democratic Sens. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) and Mazie Hirono (D-HI) recently threatening to reject any white nominees from the White House.

But moderate Democrats told Politico that they are worried Biden’s generosity will embolden primary challenges from the left.

Ocasio-Cortez infamously remarked that she believed the left could “push” Biden, and it seems unlikely that whetting the appetites of radicals will make them any less demanding.

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21 Responses

  1. Pedo Joe is doing what his Masters want. He picked the Ho for the same reason he was told to. These actions are to get DC ready for the Ho’s take over.

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  3. My dog is smarter than Biden most of his gang of fools. I am a registered Independent by choice. Over the years, I have voted for the person I thought would do the best job. I’m finished with Democrats and I will never vote for anther one as long as I live. They have become nothing but ignorant, money-wasting, anti-American fools!!!

  4. Nothing is off the table, now where in the hell are the Repubs? Are they going to wait before the whole situation go up in smoke? Do we have any Repubs man enough to change the hostel situation this country is faceing?

    1. Now I call them the Republicants. As bad as some of the Republicants & Demonrats are, the bureaucrats are worse & more dangerous because we can’t vote them out. I will never vote for another demonrat again. I don’t understand how the cants, Pence & our citizens allowed our country to be stolen……..

      1. I don’t think Pence has a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected for dog catcher anymore! His political career is OVER just like OUR freedom!

    2. The Republicans are afraid that something they have done will be brought out for everyone to see if they go too hard against the Democrats. Both parties are a bunch of garbage and they need to throw them all out on their rears. I am fed up with both parties. People like Graham get up there and rant and rave and does nothing. He just might as well keep his mouth shut like the rest of the Republicans. Nothing the Democrats or Republicans are doing, is helping the people or the country. They are only interested in helping themselves.

  5. Biden you are a HUGH LIAR. We despise you. YOU ARe THE WORST PRESIDENTS EVER. I hope your karma and Jill’s is 10 fold. Jill are the worst F.L. ever.

  6. PinociJoe is being strung along by the puppet masters they’re communists and hate the country and the sheeple they don’t look at us as people that’s how they steal elections and HR1 is away to steal every election from now own let the states make election laws get the communist federal government out of states elections

    1. That’s why he’s pissed off about all the states making the new voting laws all the demoncrats are all up in arms.

  7. What is messed up is that china virus was started in China it went all over the world many people died that is what Gov iden, Rice & bama & Soros wanted to get rid of some population…But what is kind of screwie is many people died & now iden is letting many many immigrants into the USA & hundreds are criminals…have criminal backgrounds…

  8. Will here we go again . The democrats don’t like what I posted in this site. So the site won’t let it show and be read.

  9. Raymond Wyatt said it! Hey Raymond this HR1 bill will most likely head to the Supreme court. And if I remember correctly the Supreme court rejected many election fraud cases because they said that election laws were made up state to state and they did not want to get involved. So hopefully they will reject this bill because I don’t think the government can make legislation pertaining to election laws if election laws are made by each state individually.

  10. For all the Women who couldn’t wait to have a women be VP or President. I feel so sorry for you and the rest of us. A better choice would have been Nikki Haley or any Republican. This women is a laughing fool. Doesn’t care about other women or children. So sad.

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