Montana legislature considers bill designating Antifa as domestic terrorism

One state is now pushing legislation that would deem Antifa, a network of far-left groups, as domestic terrorist organizations.  

According to reports, Montana’s House of Representatives proposed such a measure this past week, with one lawmaker who sponsored the bill saying it is intended to “send a message that we as a state won’t tolerate a group like this coming into our state.”

Known as House Joint Resolution No. 11, what the bill would do is designate all “groups and organizations across the United States who act under the banner of Antifa” as domestic terrorist organizations.

The bill also would “unequivocally [condemn] the violent actions of Antifa groups as unacceptable acts for anyone in the United States.”


The bill-writers justify this designation and condemnation in a number of the bill’s provisions.

One such provision states that Antifa ought to be considered a domestic terrorist organization because it believes “that free speech is equivalent to violence” and because it has “used threats of violence in the pursuit of suppressing opposing political ideologies.”

Another provision states that “Antifa represents opposition to the democratic ideals of peaceful assembly and free speech for all.” And another provision states that “members of Antifa have physically assaulted journalists and other individuals during protests and riots in Berkeley, California.”

The bill-writers go on to support these claims with specific examples.

Considering the violence that we have seen from Antifa activists ever since the death of George Floyd in police custody, the better question is why aren’t such groups already considered to be domestic terrorist organizations.

Trump plan cut short

At several points during the last year of his presidency, former President Donald Trump announced plans to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization.

The most recent plan, as reported by the New York Post in September 2020, would have come as part of Trump’s “Platinum Plan,” an economic empowerment plan for black Americans that Trump planned on pursuing if he would have won a second term. It would have designated both Antifa and the Ku Klux Klan as domestic terrorist organizations, but because Trump did not win a second term, he did not get to follow through on this idea.

The Montana House of Representatives certainly has the right idea, here, and maybe other Republican-led states will follow suit. Democrats, on the other hand, have shown time and again that they will not publicly condemn Antifa or other violent groups on the left.

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15 Responses

      1. They Demoncrackheads support those scumbags! VP Ho Rizontal has a fund that sets them free, even after they get arrested 3 times. Bullets are cheaper.

  1. It’s about time the Democrats killer/destruction patrol are called exactly what they are!!!!!!! Pray. Please save us Jesus!!!!!

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  3. Yes and we need other republicans to step up and fight against the communism that liberals enjoy lording over everyone they can.

  4. The Left is so worried about Trump, that the real enemy is the homegrown Antifa and BLM groups. Not only that, schools are teaching racist views to children. This is the Leftist Klan that are the racists and bigots. I do not see the Right pushing for racist views. Wrong is wrong. Propaganda. No I will not turn my neighbor in for something they said I disagree with. If it is violence, I will call the non-defunded Police. I and others help people. We do not judge the color of skin, Religion, gender, etc. Those are American and God Values. The other values are not values. They are evil views and should be abolished like slavery, white supremacy, or any supremacy.

    1. You know for many years we’ve seen on TV & heard it on radio how some Middle East countries & some countries like N. Korea , & China INDOCTRINATE
      kids from a very young age into various brain-washed ideas about the West & capitalistic systems. Well Welcome to the new educational system in the good old U.S. of A. From lower grade school education to colleges now, that very same concept is being pushed by our so called educators.

  5. Hopefully all Republican led states will follow suit and do the same! Antifa and “black LIES matter” ARE national terror groups! They riot, loot, burn, attack, rape and kill! Does that sound like the actions of a terrorist group to you? Hell yes! They need to be stopped, and states need to keep them out!

  6. I will believe it when it happens. Amazing that Liberals are so concerned about Domestic Terrorism yet Antifa has free rein. They should ask the Conservatives where these terrorist might be hiding. I will offer a clue, their not wearing mask and helmets and they are not looting, burning or trying to defund the police.

  7. While it going on also put BLM on the terrorist list because that is what they are. Sick and tired of all the BS they have caused and under Biden it is not going to get any better as he is nothing but a brain dead stuffed puppet with criminals pulling his strings.

  8. the blm terrorist has $100 million in the bank . i suggest anyone hurt or looted to go ahead and sue these terrorist. they burn down businesses, police cars , buildings and attacked citizens. hit them in the pocketbook. they also had democratic politicians in with them,

  9. i say bring all these democratic politicians who promoted the terrorist group blm last summer. let’s rush to impeach all of them, now. they were in on all of it, so let them know we will impeach. i think the fbi should arrest these house democrats, you know who you are and you have already been exposed.

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