Report: More than 880 media jobs have been lost so far in 2021

Media outlets are continuing to cut jobs in 2021, with 883 journalists losing their jobs so far this year, according to an April report from coaching and recruiting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

The pace is slower than last year, which saw 2,772 jobs lost in the news industry through April 2020, with a total of about 16,000 gone by year’s end. But last year saw a large number of layoffs and cuts due to COVID-19, and experts thought some of those jobs would return as the pandemic receded.

Instead, post-Trump ratings drop-offs have forced outlets to continue slashing positions. Breitbart’s John Nolte pointed out Friday that most of the layoffs since 2019 have been in “far-left newsrooms” like Vice and BuzzFeed.

“A dying industry”

Nolte sees the cuts as good news, given that what he calls the “fake media” is primarily to blame for stoking racial tensions in America and blowing up pandemic panic to disproportionate levels.

“The truth is the media no longer have anything to offer the American people,” the Breitbart columnist wrote Friday. “Everything the media ‘report’ turns out to be a lie — either a straight-up lie, or a lie in how the information is presented and warped through left-wing bias.” He also said lies of omission were a major problem.

Nolte said the “cancer” of media is shrinking because people don’t want to be lied to, nor do they want the media to “smugly shame or hector us” over opinions they don’t like.

“There is not a very big market for disinformation,” he argued. “Most people want the truth, the full truth. Most people want to make up their own minds about things.”

Nolte added: “The media is a dying industry because it’s useless and cruel and bigoted and deliberately dishonest, and the American people are no longer buying it.”

Reversing the trend

Nolte also pointed out the irony inherent in the media’s decision to prop up President Joe Biden’s job-killing policies, which he said are helping to cost them jobs.

During a time when most industries are hiring workers back or looking to hire new workers, April saw only 266,000 jobs added to payrolls, a much lower number than expected, as CNBC reported. Biden’s infusion of trillions more in “coronavirus aid” into the economy may be starting to backfire as many industries can’t find workers to process and package goods, or staff retail establishments and restaurants to sell them.

States are now hoping to reverse the trend by revoking additional unemployment payments and re-instituting eligibility mandates that require recipients to be actively looking for work — mandates that were suspended amid COVID-19.

That probably won’t help the news industry, though. Its problems go a whole lot deeper.

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11 Responses

    1. The Republican Party needs to bring legislature to the floor that will hold these fake news media outlets and there partners in social media accountable with huge fines and or criminal charges for smearing and miss leading the American public . This is not a small problem but one that leads to anarchy and division in our great nation .

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  2. This is Great News but I’ll NOT EVER Watch Another American News Outlet EVER AGAIN Period
    Their are all as Fake as those in the WH

  3. This is “GREAT NEWS”, all these liars Must pay the price. Now lets work on facebook, twiter, google and the rest of them ALL. They have become too big for their britches and the time for justice has arrived. Lets get America back to us “The People”. While we are at it, lets get rid of the MORON the Useless HO and all of his group before they destroy our Beautiful America for ever!

  4. The problem is the Little guy’s getting chopped and your favorites, not mine, keep on churning out those Lies.

  5. Get rid of Pelosi. She is to old for that job.
    Get rid of whither—-Pelosi’s niece
    Get rid of Newsam—Pelosi’s nephew
    These people are not helping our country. They are selfish and turning our
    country into cesspool while making themselves rich. I can’t believe the people in this country are not fighting to keep this country free from such people. They may think they are getting free things but nothing is free.
    Someone is paying for it.

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