Most states considering laws limiting Biden’s transgender executive order

More than half of states are now considering legislation to prevent those identifying as transgender from participating in the sports programs of their gender identity and to limit the kind of medical care that transgender minor children can get.

The laws are being put forward because of Biden’s executive order preventing so-called “discrimination” against transgender people and effectively attempting to erase gender altogether.

At least 35 bills now in state legislatures would prohibit transgender students from playing in sports leagues that correspond to their gender identity, and 25 bills would stop minor children from getting treatments that would change their bodies in accordance with their selected gender identity.

Transgender women in sports unfair to biological women

Proponents of the bills have seen that the participation of transgender women–who are biologically male–in women’s sports has given them an unfair advantage because of men’s greater muscle mass and in most cases, size.

Idaho already passed a bill in 2020 to ban transgender students from the sport that corresponds to their gender identity rather than to their biological sex, and 300 female NCAA athletes signed a letter to the association in support of the legislation.

As other states consider similar bills, Texas has signaled that its legislation on the subject is a priority through state Senate head, Dan Patrick (R).

“Title IX, which I think was transformational back in the ‘70s, set it up so women could have competitive sports right alongside men,” Texas state Sen. Charles Perry (R), who is carrying the legislation there, said. “I don’t know that there’s any more important thing because at the end of the day this is about women being able to compete on a level playing field with their peers.”

Female runners in Connecticut also filed a lawsuit arguing that they have lost meets because of transgender participation. The Trump administration had formally supported that suit on the federal level, but that support was withdrawn by President Joe Biden when he took office.

Problems with transgender ideology

Those who support legislation to prevent certain types of health care to transgender minors say that minor children should not be given puberty blockers or transition surgery before they are 18 because 80 to 95% of minors who say they are transgender as children change their minds by the time they become adults, according to studies.

Indeed, it has become almost trendy in some circles for teens, particularly girls, to “come out” as transgender right around or after puberty hits. Psychology Today labels this “rapid-onset gender dysphoria,” and it is fueled by girls being uncomfortable with the changes in their bodies and seeing a friend or even a YouTuber they follow come out as transgender.

It is only responsible, say many parents and medical professionals, to wait until adulthood to see if these changes are temporary, since in many cases they have proven to be a coping skill for an awkward time that soon passes as teens continue to grow.

These situations need to be handled with sensitivity and time, but progressives–and Biden, it seems–want to force parents and doctors to give these confused minor children drugs and surgeries that will change them forever. Even puberty-blocking hormones like testosterone can render females sterile and cause other permanent changes that cannot be reversed in many cases when it seems that a great number of people may want to reverse them later in life.

It’s understandable that transgender individuals want to be treated equally in society, but the problems it may create to give them what they want will have an impact far beyond which bathrooms people use and whether people call them by their preferred pronouns.

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7 Responses

  1. GREAT NEWS!!! Trans have unfair advantage & should start own league, or compete against their same =MEN!!!

    1. I’m so ashamed of my two senators Patty Murray and Cantwell voting for it. If they had hi school or college girls they’d hate it and Murray was a teacher. They have lost a lot of votes in Wa St

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  3. Since the Federal Government seems to have gone completely bonkers;
    it’s up to the States. Crazy times. Hope we get some balance back in 2022.

  4. Why don’t we just have transgender sports. We separate Men and Women sports, so we can just add another category.

    1. Just trying to imagine what a field day would look like on Tranny Day!!! Lol. Also, trying to think if any girls are trying to break into boys’ sports with this tranny farce. ummmm…..nope, it is just boys that are too wimpy to compete against other boys but they can beat girls. So ridiculous. Although at first glance I like your idea, on second thought, why bolster their pretense by legitimizing it. If they are banned from girls sports they will either go back to being boys or they will wind up looking like that thing from PA that Biden wants as Surgeon General.

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