South Dakota Gov. Noem says Mount Rushmore will be kept safe from would-be vandals

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) has made it clear that she is ready and willing to stand in the way of any protesters who get ideas about trying to deface or destroy Mount Rushmore, the Washington Examiner reports.

After seeing numerous accounts of protesters vandalizing and even toppling statues of Confederate officials and other historical figures, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted in obvious exasperation, “So, when is our woke historical revisionist priesthood going to insist on blowing up Mount Rushmore?”

“Not on my watch,” Gov. Noem replied in a tweet of her own.

Noem stands firm

Noem said Wednesday on Fox & Friends that no one has yet tried to do any damage to Mount Rushmore, but that some online threats have indeed been made against the historical landmark that features massive stone depictions of four U.S. presidents.

The Republican governor did not provide specifics about imminent risk, but she did say that a plan was in place to protect the mountain for some time into the future.

“We’re prepared to be there and be diligent about protecting it,” she said firmly, as Fox News noted.

The governor also addressed the broader motives of those who would topple statues or otherwise force their removal.

“This is no longer about equality,” Noam said, according to Fox. “This is a radical rewriting of our history, and in South Dakota we won’t stand for it.”

Learning from the past

Noem stated that she supported peaceful protests in the state in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police, but said that violence would not be tolerated in her jurisdiction as it has been in some other areas, mostly those under the control of Democrat governors and mayors.

But now, according to Noem, the demonstrations seen in recent weeks have too often degenerated into a condemnation of America’s founding, which, she told Fox News, is a mistake.

Noem was quick to acknowledge that many of America’s past leaders were complex individuals and not without their flaws, but also said that “we’re missing the opportunity we have in this discussion to talk about the virtues and what they brought to this country and the fact that this is a foundation that we’re built on and the heritage we should be carrying forward.”

Anyone can pick apart the past and find fault with those who came before, but if the current push to erase the past and rewrite our nation’s history continues to gain traction, we might as well just elect a Marxist president right now and get it over with.

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