Report: MSNBC guest accuses Trump of teeing up ‘violent mutiny’ with McCloskey convention speech

A guest on MSNBC’s AM Joy said Saturday that Americans should be on high alert after Republicans invited St. Louis homeowners Mark and Patricia McCloskey to speak at their national convention this week.

According to Breitbart, Brittany Packnett Cunningham suggested that President Donald Trump’s support of the McCloskeys — who rose to national fame this summer after they were caught on tape defending their St. Louis home with firearms as a mob of protesters gathered outside — shows that he’s readying his supporters for riots and “violent mutiny if the results [of November’s election] don’t go his way.”

“I just held my ground, protecting my house, and I’m sitting here on television tonight instead of dead or putting out the smoldering embers of my home,” Mark McCloskey later told Fox News of the incident, according to The Hill.

“Let’s connect the dots”

Though many on the right — including President Trump himself — have defended the McCloskeys’ exercise of their Second Amendment rights, many in the media have blasted the couple for protecting themselves, claiming that they threatened “peaceful protesters.”

The news that they would appear at the GOP convention thrilled gun owners, conservatives, and pretty much anyone who believes Americans have a right to self-defense — but as evidenced by Cunningham’s remarks, the #Resistance media had a very different interpretation, spinning the invitation as evidence that Trump is looking to gin up fear and anger.

Cunningham, who Breitbart said was “a member of former President Barack Obama’s ’21st-century policing task force,'” reportedly warned of an impending “mutiny” after host Jonathan Capehart asked for her thoughts on the upcoming appearance by the “felonious couple” at the GOP convention.

“It says that Donald Trump wants to give permission to the people who intend to harm us,” she said Saturday, according to Breitbart. “And the people who are doing that are now going to be held up as a paragon of American values. They are going to be held up as the very people that everyone watching the [Republican convention] who plans to vote for Donald Trump should be ready to emulate.”

Cunningham went on: “And let’s connect the dots here — they’re not just going to be ready to emulate them between now and November. I am very, very worried about the fact that given all of the invalidating rhetoric that Donald Trump has used about this election, attempting to undermine results before we even get them, that he is readying his people for violent mutiny if the results don’t go his way.”

McCloskey’s warning

Democrats have frequently pointed to an armed lockdown protest in Michigan earlier this year as a spectacle of right-wing hatred, although no individuals were harmed, even as those in the media have pointedly ignored riots tearing through cities across the country all summer.

According to Fox News, fresh chaos tore through Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday night in the aftermath of the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man, by police.

In the lead-up to the first night of the Republicans’ convention, Mark McCloskey shared a warning to Fox viewers: the riots will not remain isolated to urban centers for long.

“You cannot have freedom and an opportunity to advance unless you have basic safety and security, and that it is not just limited to big cities,” McCloskey said, according to Fox. “They are bringing it to a neighborhood near you.”

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