MSNBC analyst questions whether Fox News should ‘be allowed to exist’

The left has long despised Fox News, and really any other right-of-center media outlet, for often running counter to the liberal media’s narratives and providing a different outlook on the news of the day from the rest of its mainstream media cohorts.

Now a progressive MSNBC analyst wants to bring about the demise of Fox, and presumably other conservative outlets, by having the network declared unlawful for allegedly “brain-mashing” its audience, promoting falsehoods, and inciting people to commit acts of terrorism, The Blaze reports.

MSNBC analyst Anand Giridharadas posted a thread of tweets Friday on Twitter to lay out his frightening and short-sighted plan to outlaw right-leaning media outlets like Fox News.

“Should Fox News be allowed to exist?”

“It’s time for this question to be front and center: Should Fox News be allowed to exist? Brain-mashing as a business model shouldn’t be legal,” Giridharadas’ thread began.

“I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t understand why you’re not allowed to manufacture bucatini that doesn’t have a certain threshold of iron in it but you can broadcast brain-mashing falsehoods and goad people toward terrorism,” he continued with an absurd comparison of a pasta content regulation to the content of a news network.

Giridharadas proceeded to suggest there needed to be a “new Fairness Doctrine” to regulate what sort of content media outlets would be permitted to broadcast. He argued that it is necessary because “twelve percent of Americans supported the terrorist insurrection on the Capitol. After the fact. You cannot pin this only on leaders. This has been institutionalized incitement in which the media played a giant role, and democracy is endangered by it.”

The progressive writer did seem to acknowledge some potential problems with his idea but nevertheless believed those issues paled in comparison to continuing to allow certain media outlets to exist.

“Are there huge questions of a slippery slope? Of course. Could this regulation be abused? Of course. These are the hard things we’d have to figure out. But none of that means, to me, that a business model of incitement and falsehood is absolutely protected,” Giridharadas tweeted.

Serious implications

With regard to the call for a new Fairness Doctrine imposed on the media, TheBlaze noted that the old Fairness Doctrine was initially implemented in 1949 as a way to compel licensed media outlets to broadcast both sides of an issue, a policy that was scrapped in 1987 due to the fact that it restricted the right to free speech.

Social media reactions were mixed. Some users seemed to agree that action was necessary against Fox while many denounced what was said as fascist, authoritarian, or entirely un-American.

Liberal writer Matt Taibbi reasonably wondered, “Curious where @AnandWrites thinks the Fox audience should go? Should they not have news outlets at all, should they go to a new conservative outlet that will somehow suck less than Fox, should they learn to love CNN? What’s the plan?”

Likewise, tech writer Mike Masnick noted the obvious implications. “I am amazed that people keep suggesting this without thinking through the obvious consequences,” he wrote. “If the government could shut down Fox News, think what the Trump admin would have done to CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, WaPo and more.” Good point.

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38 Responses

  1. I would love to be able to shut down. CNN, MSNBC, NY TIMES, WAPO and more liberal lying supposedly news outlets. That twist everything to push their narrative.
    That would be great.

    1. LMFAO, everything they are saying about Fox News is what they are doing and have been doing for years. Chris Wallace should be dumped by Fox. He is a loser and he should be on CNN or MSNBC. He would fit right in.

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  3. how about we get rid of the liars NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and add the newspapers to this list! I will listen to all including NewsMax, Fox and OAN and then make my mind up on what I believe not what they try to force feed me! We still have the right to listen and do what we think suits us best!

    fox and make up my mind

  4. Exactly the last thing Venezuela did prior to becoming completely totalitarian. And Soros was behind the taking down of Venezuela too. You Just Watch!

  5. We should close down all the Liberal news stations they’re like the Liberals in Congress. They can’t open there mouths without lying, scumbags all.

  6. What happened to freedom of speech? Obviously this guy that wants to shut down Fox has never read the Constitution of the United States!!!

  7. What we need to do is show them that we will not be pushed around. We need to organize a peaceful protest in every town all across America with overwhelming numbers of people in each town. No violence just our voices and a lot of people. So many that they have to pay attention to us. We need to keep doing this every day all day like they did over the Summer.

  8. Don’t forget, Obama said “ Fox News is the enemy of the White House” when he was the so called president! Because they put the truth out there, which he couldn’t take! So, shut down msnbc, cbs, abc, and parts of pbs! They are liberal leftist news stations. Fair is fair!

  9. there are nuts in this world and then there are really crazy nuts about us. msnbc is about the worst station existing and georgie boy beaten by the ugly stick ought to put his money to more worthy projects. soros go home to austria see if they will let you in. you are trying your best to make this country a sobbing child of the state. quit allready and go home you know where they love you to death.

  10. America’s problems are generated by corrupt politicians and not the everyday working man and woman. 🇺🇸

  11. The idiot from MSNBC needs to be de-platformed. I am getting awfully tired of the BS spewed from their vacuum heads.

  12. If they are going to get rid of media that lies, how would MSNBC, CNN, and the NY Times not go first? How about the most obvious lie they attempted to BRAIN-MASH?(sounds like brain washing to me). Just like they continue to do to our kids in this distorted education(?) system. The Russia hoaks was the worst batch of lies told by the media to brain wash everyone that would listen. Get over it DEMS there is no, was no, collusion on Trumps part, but you sure burried Hillary’s part in Russian collusion!!!

  13. I am over eighty years old veteran and still capable of a high level of discernment…and to the citizens of this country, I say to you that we are rapidly moving toward anarchy and chaos. The leadership of the Democrat Party is the most dishonest, dishonorable, and evil group of politicians that I have witnessed in my life. And, I might add, I shamefully admit that I was once a Democrat, I pray that God will guide and protect us. Stand tall America and resist their insidious attempt to destroy our country.

  14. Yes, you are not a lawyer and have no brains in your head. Everything you people have been spewing is every thing that you are and have been doing.

  15. Number one contributer to fox news ratings loss was chris Wallace when he hosted presidential debate Trump was debating Wallace and sleepy joe made fox look bad unless your a liberal hoping for fox to get bad ratings

  16. The left said it all the time they are the way, what about the 84,000,000 and more people in America. Do away with ABC, NBC, CBS< MSNBC, CNN and all the rest, of the liers on tv. They don't know what the truth is. The left don't care for freedom, free speach. They want you to abey, and do nothing but what they say. Freedom is lost.

  17. Why is Anand Giridharadas not being banned from Twitter for hate-mongering and hate speech? Dopey me! I forgot it’s the double standard rules in play here. The left gets to say anything they want but let a conservative it and all hell breaks loose!


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