Leftist MSNBC host says media presenting ‘both sides’ of debate on ‘major issues’ is ‘deeply dangerous’

The progressive left has increasingly turned authoritarian and seeks to silence and eliminate any sort of political debate or opposition to its agenda and viewpoints, and it is using its allies and adherents in the media to try and make that goal a reality.

The latest example of such comes from MSNBC host Medhi Hasan, who asserted that it was “deeply dangerous” for media outlets to present “both sides” of arguments on “major issues,” Slay News reported.

Instead, the leftist cable news host seemed to suggest that his journalist colleagues should only put forward one side of the conversation on certain topics, presumably the side that he is on, and either ignore or actively oppose anything that doesn’t align with it.

Presenting “both sides” of an argument is “deeply dangerous” — for the left

Those remarks from Hasan came during a recent discussion with former New York Times reporter Ben Smith, now with media platform Semafor, on how journalists should cover politics and government going forward.

“There are two words we need to remove from our media vocabulary right now and that is ‘both sides,'” Hasan said. “This fundamental crutch, this reliance on ‘both sides’ as a kind of lazy way of covering our political moment is deeply dangerous.”

“There are a bunch of major issues on which there are not both sides,” he continued. “There are not both sides on climate change. There are not both sides on white supremacy. There are not both sides to democracy. And there are not both sides on the Holocaust.”

Hasan went on to reference a recording of teachers in a Texas school, obtained by NBC News, in which it was purported that a new state law required schools to provide opposing viewpoints on things in terms of books and other classroom materials provided to students, with the Holocaust being cited as a potential example of how that law could be troublesome.

However, Hasan must not have actually read the entire article from his own NBC colleagues, as it went on to reveal that even the teachers’ union for that school said the discussion of the teachers on the recording was an “overreaction” and “misinterpretation” of the law, and even the Republican sponsor of the bill came forward to correct the obvious misunderstanding.

Hasan doesn’t want any debate or opposition to his ideas

Moving on in his conversation with Smith, Hasan suggested that it was acceptable to present “both sides” of a debate on relatively mundane and trivial things, in his view, like the corporate tax rate, but not on the major issues favored by the left.

On the big issues of our time, on whether people should be able to vote, on whether they should be able to get to a ballot box, on whether one party should be able to overturn elections, no there are not both sides,” Hasan added.

Of course, if the media as a whole were to abide by Hasan’s wishes and stop presenting “both sides” of an argument on any issue, large or small, there would cease to be any sort of debate on anything any longer — but that is exactly what devoted progressive leftists like Hasan want, to silence and eliminate any and all opposition to their ideas and agenda.