MSNBC host claims GOP wants to bar teachers from covering Juneteenth, slavery

There has been a nationwide outcry in recent months against the teaching of critical race theory in schools, as parents don’t want their children to be subjected to preachings about how racist their country is as a whole.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid claimed Thursday, however, that the outcry has an entirely different purpose.

According to the Media Research Center’s NewsBusters, Reid alleged during her self-titled MSNBC show that parents opposed to the teaching of critical race theory, or CRT, want to ban talk of Juneteenth, the new national holiday that celebrates the emancipation of slaves, and any talk of slavery at all.

She said of Republicans who supported making Juneteenth a national holiday: “They support the holiday while simultaneously passing laws to make sure your kids can’t learn about it in school.”

Reid’s lies

Republicans also want “to dictate how historical and modern racism in America are taught,” Reid said Thursday, according to NewsBusters.

What Republicans actually oppose is the teaching of a theory that posits, among other things, that unless there is equality of outcome, an institution or organization is racist.

As Breitbart reported, Fox News host Tucker Carlson described the theory this way on his show the same day as Reid’s: “If some people make more money than the other people, then the economy is racist. If Ibram X. Kendi decides there aren’t enough Black astrophysicists, then astrophysics is, by definition, racist.”

Is it any wonder American parents don’t want this taught to their children?

Misleading viewers

“There is this obsession right now, with taking everything that talks about race” or “anything that makes them feel uncomfortable” and “label[ing]” it “a critical race theory,” Reid said Thursday, despite the fact that Republicans’ opposition to CRT is specific to that theory, which many historians say is an inaccurate depiction.

Reid is using an age-old trick here by accusing her opponents of doing what she and proponents of CRT are doing: calling everything they don’t like “racist.”

Voting laws that don’t advantage Democrats are racist, respecting the American flag is racist, and most of all, America itself is racist.

If the term hasn’t already lost its meaning, it soon will — and you can thank people like Joy Reid for making it happen in the U.S.

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