‘Are you nervous, Josh?’ MSNBC panel mocks Hawley over concerns about FBI probe into Capitol riot

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has been lambasted by liberals in the weeks since a deadly riot on Capitol Hill earlier this year, with critics accusing him of inspiring an “insurrection” through his challenges of President Joe Biden’s victory.

Despite the backlash, he has continued to sound the alarm about a perceived overreach by federal investigators attempting to get to the bottom of the civil unrest. At least some of his detractors in the mainstream media appear to believe that is because he is “worried” that the feds are coming after him personally.

Critics believe Hawley is “worried”

Hawley — along with several other prominent GOP lawmakers — have voiced their concern that the Jan. 6 riot is being used as a pretext to infringe on the civil liberties of former President Donald Trump’s supporters.

On Tuesday, Hawley questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray about whether pro-Trump rioters are having their social media, financial, or cellphone data collected with proper legal authority.

A segment of MSNBC’s The Beat featuring left-leaning panelists and host Ari Melber appeared to see Hawley’s line of questions as a sign of self-incrimination.

For his part, Melber complained that the senator “tried to go at” the FBI while one guest called the questions “interesting” for “somebody who was smack-dab in the middle of this from the very beginning.”

As national security analyst Malcolm Nance argued, Hawley’s concerns about civil liberties are “insane,” insinuating that the senator is “worried” about how the issue could impact him.

“We work with private-sector partners”

Of course, plenty of Americans are outraged over developments such as Bank of America’s decision to turn over to the FBI the financial information of roughly 200 individuals who purchased items in D.C. around the time of the Capitol building breach.

The FBI has also reportedly gathered cellphone data from lawmakers.

In response to Hawley’s inquiry, Wray replied: “Sitting here right now, I do not know the answer to that question. I do know that we work with private-sector partners, including financial institutions, in a variety of ways all the time in a variety of investigations.”

According to Melber and other Hawley critics, the Missouri Republican is part of a conspiracy — as ostensibly evidenced by his concern about privacy.

One MSNBC panelist made the insinuation clear, asking: “Are you nervous, Josh? Are you nervous that maybe some of your text messages or some of your staff people are out there?”

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19 Responses

  1. Congressman Hawley is one of the few who have the immense courage to challenge the overreach of the Biden Administration and the so-called Ruling Elites. Since the desperate Dems are trying to sell a top-down government-forced ideology that the People won’t buy they have to use political terrorism, black-mail, threats and intimidation to destroy the Republic and enforce lock-down obedience of the People as fast as possible. Freedom is our mother tongue and will always win unless we run and hide.

    1. So glad to read comments by people who understand the bullying tactics of the Left. May I suggest the book ‘WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED” by Erwin Lutzer. We must band together and support the brave people who are willing to stand up to the tyranny the Left is propagating or we will become a full blown country of tyranny with no more individual rights.

  2. hey josh do not back down. They, the democrats are coming after you because you are a challenge to them and their agenda. It is great to see one more republican that has the back bone and guts to stand up. Push to get to the bottom of the januray 6 incident at the capital. I will be bet you with find it was all pre=planned and set up to destroy trump. I would also think that democrats were behind it. Follow the money. Do not trust wray, the biden administration allowed him to say in office after the election and that tells you a lot. Keep up the fight and talk to the american people on what you find.

    1. I agree with William, keep up the fight, it is they who are scared, they try to completely silence anyone who pushes back on their evil agenda! Find the truth, we can only support you and your efforts, you are there and we know you are working for the truth and the American people!

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  4. Dream on you Dems and liberal press. You talk about what you want to happen as if it really is going to. Again, lie enough and you will begin to believe your own crap.

    1. Hell they’ve eating it for years . We just have to get them to quit trying to feed it to humans . Nobody is buying it , just Biden’s troglodytes. who btw are much more stupider exponentially than Neanderthals.

  5. To after the queen of the house…oh no you loser always go after Republican…..leave Josh alone go get nasty nancy,chuck maxceen ,Harris

  6. I admire Josh Hawley for his courage to speak out against the insanity. He speaks for those who elected him. Too bad we don’t have more like him. He and President Trump have always listened to their constituents and acted upon what THEY want. I will keep him in prayer….all who have brains and are not under the control of the left will need it. Our Lord is and will be the victor when it’s all said and done. We need to pray He will cast His enemies far from us.

  7. Agree with all posts! Sen. Hawley is fighting for us! We all need to stand behind him, demand answers, an subpoena Piglosi to testify under oath. SHE is in charge of capitol security! Why didn’t she secure the building? A planned “ insurrection” by the demonrats to impeach President Trump and blame anyone who opposed the certification of an illegal election.

  8. Many it would be interesting to grab the phones of Antifa people that threated Sen. Hawley’s house and see what they say and see if Sen. Kaine’s son texted him since he is part of the Antifa people and had been arrested in Minneapolis I think 4 years ago. I’m sure they were at the event. Ask why none of them were held from this event although arrested and let go. Are there more Democrat’s families involved in Antifa attacks?

  9. That’s what Communists do.Silence everyone so their party side doesn’t hear what they dont want them to hear.
    The DemoRat Congress and some of the Rhinos are The Communist Party of This Country and they won’t be happy until they take total control

  10. GO, go Josh Hawley and do NOT allow Wray to avoid answering, especially when it comes to court approved search warrants; the FBI cannot just launch a “phishing expedition” because they “feel like it”. This is still the USA, in spite of communist pelosi and her underlings, or should I call it “her goon squad”.

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