MSNBC tells one of its biggest lies to date about President Biden

The leftist outlet MSNBC just told one of its most absurd lies ever, and, that’s saying something.

According to The Daily Wire, the liberal media network claimed Biden is a “retired war hero.” 

It is well-known that Biden is no “war hero,” retired or otherwise. Biden, in fact, never even served in the military. Instead, during the Vietnam War, he received multiple deferments for asthma.

“Retired war hero” comment

It occurred last week during one of MSNBC host Nicole Wallace’s broadcasts. The statement came from one of Wallace’s guests, Jason Johnson, a professor at Morgan State University.

Wallace and Johnson discussed the recent speech that Biden gave at the so-called United We Stand summit. There, Biden, once again, recalled the Charlottesville riot of 2017, reiterating the “very fine people” hoax, claiming that former President Donald Trump praised white supremacists when he never did.

Biden, though, also claimed that the Charlottesville riot was one of the driving forces behind his decision to run for the U.S. presidency in 2020. “Charlottesville changed everything,” Biden said.

It is in response to these statements that Johnson made his comment comparing Biden to a “retired war hero.”

Here’s what Johnson said:

And if you believe the story, which I do, that he said, like, I had no intention of running for president, he was the retired war hero out in the mountain, chopping wood, and Charlottesville brought him back into the fight that everyone thought he’d have to fight again. And I found that to be charming and engaging. And I’ve always thought that Joe Biden is a good moral leader when it comes to these issues.

A dose of reality

Newsbusters suggests that Johnson, here, confused Biden with other recent presidents.

“When it came to being a war hero, perhaps Johnson was confusing Biden with President George H.W. Bush,” Newsbusters reports. “In World War II, he enlisted on his 18th birthday, and became the youngest naval pilot. He was shot down in the Pacific and tried his best to rescue his comrades.”

Newsbusters continues, “as for “chopping wood,” that’s something President Ronald Reagan did. And President George W. Bush, who was also a pilot in the Air National Guard, was famous for clearing brush at his Texas ranch.”

It’s clear what Johnson was trying to do here, but he failed miserably. And, the reason he failed so miserably is that the comment comparing Biden to a retired war hero is so far from reality – it is so absurd – that it is laughable. Johnson may as well have just mocked Biden.