Mueller prosecutor says Trump should worry that Trump Organization CFO will ‘flip’ in criminal case

Legal controversies are nothing new to former President Donald Trump. However, an attorney and former member of special counsel Robert Mueller’s so-called “Dream Team” says there’s one legal matter that should give Trump cause for concern, the Washington Examiner reported.

In an interview with New York Magazine published over the weekend, former Justice Department official and FBI general counsel Andrew Weissmann explained that of all the legal battles against the former president, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr’s investigation into possible bank, tax, or insurance fraud has the greatest chance of success.

In particular, Weissmann said Trump should be concerned over Vance’s attempts to “flip” Allen Weisselberg, who serves as the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer.

“We will win”

The former president suffered a legal setback in February after the Supreme Court refused to shield his tax records from being subpoenaed by Vance in the criminal case against Trump.

“The Supreme Court never should have let this ‘fishing expedition’ happen, but they did,” Trump said at the time, CNBC reported.

Trump said that Vance is driven by partisan animus rather than legitimate investigative motives.

“I will fight on, just as I have, for the last five years (even before I was successfully elected), despite all of the election crimes that were committed against me,” Trump said, insisting, “We will win!”

CFO’s former daughter-in-law subpoenaed

According to Weissman, a successful prosecution will heavily rely on Vance’s ability to flip Weisselberg against the former president. “I think a really important piece is going to be flipping the CFO, Weisselberg,” Weissmann said.

“I think that is going to just be so critical in terms of being able to deal with Trump’s defense of, ‘I didn’t know,’ or ‘Weisselberg was signing off on things, so I had no criminal intent,” he continued.

“That is really important, unless you have tapes or a paper trail, to have an insider,” Weissmann added. “I just think it’s too early to really speculate until you know whether he’s flipped or not. If he flips, I think that this case is going to be made.”

Last week, as part of the investigation into Trump’s tax, banking and insurance affairs, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office seized the financial records of Jessica Weisselberg, Allen Weisselberg’s former daughter-in-law, according to The Washington Post.

According to the Examiner, Jessica Weisselberg has said she believes that the CFO will “turn on” Trump in order to protect his children.

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15 Responses

  1. They just can’t leave President Trump alone. It amazes me that of all the illegal acts of all the other people in the government they sweep all of it under the rug and focus on Trump. What about hunter biden, daddy biden, harris, pelosi, schumer, etc.? Some of them should be tried for treason, yet they walk around without a care in the world. It’s wrong! When will something be done about them? I’m sick from all the bs they get away with. Leave President Trump alone! Focus on their wrong doings.

    1. President Trump is the GREATEST President that ever lived, but the left, democrats and Liberals and some of the Elite crazzies just can’t handle it, soo much jealousy over power!
      But God gave a very GOOD man power to make things right, JUST get OVER IT!!! I pray GOD continues to protect Trump!! Then u all nut cases can live in Hell together where u all belong!!! LOL!

      1. Let us not forget all of the “illegals” from multiple countries being allowed to cross the Mexican Border by the current administration. President Trump had a firm grip on that potential problem.

    2. They’ll never stop but Trump will win. Nobody is going to convict him even if they try to try him. It’s all just partisan BS and everyone knows it.

    3. You are absolutely right, Kim. That bulge under the rug keeps getting bigger and bigger….I believe it will only be a matter of time before we see the bulge explode. We are on to their un-American schemes and demonic agendas….now we need to be just as shrewd as they are…only do it in a just way…not in a criminal way, such as the left is apt to do. We are better than that. Many have already gone before military tribunals for their crimes…some executed and some still waiting in jails… I have read on some sites. I hope it is true.

    4. Lets not forget Hillary, Rice, and all the rest that tried their damness to tarnish Trump. Lets check tax records of Piglosi, big Joe Biden, Mad Max Waters and how about investigating why the SCOTUS let a coup d’etat happen?

    5. Be wear of FAKE EVIDENCES from FAKE PEOPLES! The godless faking people never know, nor could they ever understand what is called: A CONSCIENCE! People who are without A conscience are capable doing all things within wht is EVIL! Majority of CItZENS of this Mighty USA are PEOPLE OF FAITH! Thus, THE ISSUES OF GOOD CONSCIENCES WILL WIN FOR THE GOOD OF OUR USA SAT THE END!We are: ONE NATION UDER GOD! Believe in that with a FIRM FAITH!!

  2. Weissman is a rogue prosecutor with an incorrect view of obstruction of justice that is a threat to a free society. See Sidney Powell’s book Licensed To Lie. When a member of the Mueller protection team, Weissman wanted to get Trump. He couldn’t, but still dreams of it. Weissman and prosecutors like Weissman should never, ever be allowed to be prosecutors.

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  4. Looks to me like Obama is finally going to get the war he wanted to start and set the ground work in place so he can do it through Biden and Biden does not have the brain power to understand what’s happening! It’s Obama’s third term!

  5. Manhattan District atty, seized Jessica weisselberg daughter In law records to get Mr, weisselberg to turn on Trump to save his children
    Is that legal.

  6. Why is it that what’s good for the country is the exact opposite of the party now in power ??? What’s good for the country is not good for the controlling factor in power and it’s evident !!! What is it going to take to get the United States back on firm footing with the US and foreign powers ??? The present administration has done absolutely nothing except endanger Americans and the American way of life !!! What is it going to take to end this fiasco ??? I know this is only a forum that goes nowhere, but, it’s my thought that counts for me !!!

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