Multiple shot at Boston's annual Jouvert Parade

 August 27, 2023

Boston, like many other once-great American cities, has experienced increased levels of crime and danger, including a horrific shootout over the weekend at a children's event. 

According to the Washington Examiner, gunshots rang out at the city's annual Jouvert Parade, a Caribbean holiday event, marking yet another instance of violence to break out at the yearly gathering.

Local police reported seven people had been shot Saturday morning during the celebration.

Police were unsure of a motive behind the shootings and only said that an investigation is ongoing.

Statement released

City leaders immediately issued statements, including At-large City Councilor Erin Murphy, who noted the city's recent spate of gun violence-related crimes.

"We're praying for the recovery of the victims, and grateful to the police and first responders who were on the scene," Murphy said.

She added, "This is an event for children on a Saturday morning, and it's appalling that bad actors would visit violence and evil on it."

Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn echoed Murphy's statement, adding a call to action for the city to tackle a growing gun violence outbreak, which he labeled as a "public safety emergency."

"Today's mass shooting highlights the gun violence crisis we are facing in the city. This is a public health and public safety emergency. Boston Police are confiscating and recovering guns at an alarming rate throughout the neighborhood. Now is the time to come together and develop a gun violence strategy in Boston," Flynn said.

Social media reacts

Some images of the aftermath of the shooting were posted across social media, including one image that showed damage to the local Boys and Girls Club, which was struck by some of the bullets fired.

"All violence is lame. However, it is especially abhorrent that someone would shoot the van of the boys and girls club," one Twitter user wrote.

Thankfully, nobody sustained life-threatening injuries from the hail of gunfire, and everyone wounded was treated at local area hospitals.

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