Murder suspect leaves baby to die after killing rest of family

New details are emerging in the case of the kidnapping and killing of a California family.

It is now being reported by ABC30 that the suspect allegedly left the baby to die. 


The family that was kidnapped and killed has been identified as 36-year-old Jasdeep Singh, 27-year-old Jasleen Kaur, and their eight-month-old child Aroohi Dheri. In addition to this, 39-year-old Amandeep Singh, the baby’s uncle was also killed.

The bodies of the four individuals were recently discovered in an almond orchard in Dos Palos, California. According to investigators, the bodies were found close together.

Specifics about how the four individuals were killed have yet to be reported. Authorities are waiting for a report from the pathologist.

But, investigators now believe that the eight-month-old baby girl was simply left to die in the field after the suspect killed the three adults. This, though, has yet to be confirmed.

The suspect

The prime suspect in the case has been identified as 48-year-old Jesus Salgado. Salgado does have a connection with the family: he had previously worked for the family’s trucking business.

About a year ago, Salgado had parted ways with the business. It is not clear why, but text messages and emails are reported to suggest that a disagreement arose. This disagreement is believed to be Salgado’s motive for the murder.

Recently, Salgado went into the family’s business and proceeded to kidnap them at gunpoint. The kidnapping does appear to have been caught on camera.

Then, the next we know is that the bodies of the four family members were found dead in the orchard field.

Salgado is a parolee

Salgado is facing four counts of kidnapping and four counts of murder. Authorities report that he has tried to kill himself, but it is not clear what he tried to do. The incident is said to have happened before he was taken into custody.

Since Salgado’s arrest, it has been learned that he does have a criminal background, which includes being sentenced to more than 10 years in prison for witness intimidation and robbery with a gun. Salgado sat in prison all the way up to June 21, 2015, when he was released on parole.