Musk likely to reveal internal emails from Twitter reguarding Hunter Biden laptop

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, said on Wednesday that he may reveal additional details about how the social media platform blocked the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 election, as Fox News reported.

News personality Alex Lorusso asked his followers to “raise your hand” if they supported making “all internal discussions about the decision to censor the @NYPost’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop” public.

Musk responded by saying “This is necessary to restore public trust,” and Many users responded to Musk’s plea for transparency with raised hand emojis.

One user even asked Musk to conduct another Twitter survey, citing previous surveys he has conducted to help shape Twitter’s direction.

Musk’s response, according to David Freiheit, often known as Viva Frei, was the “proper commitment to make on Thanksgiving.”

Musk has previously expressed his disapproval of Twitter’s decision to block the New York Post. He described the behavior as “incredibly inappropriate” in April.

Before the 2020 elections, the New York Post released a bombshell piece, and numerous social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, quickly removed tweets about it. Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, acknowledged it was improper for the social media site to get involved in the Hunter Biden incident.

It was removed

The article was removed from Twitter because, according to their justification at the time, it broke their “Hacked Materials Policy.”

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, explained why Facebook hid the story during the election earlier this year.

In an interview with “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Zuckerberg acknowledged that the FBI had contacted Facebook in advance of the shocking Hunter Biden story to alert them about “Russian propaganda.” Due to FBI warnings, the site used manipulative algorithms to stop the story from spreading. Zuckerberg supported this action.