Musk shares ‘very strange’ warning about his personal Twitter page not fully loading for other users

Tech billionaire Elon Musk’s bid to purchase Twitter and restore it as a platform for free speech and open dialogue has ruffled quite a few feathers, particularly among left-leaning employees at Twitter who are less than thrilled about the prospect of changes under the potential new boss.

Musk was recently alerted by a supporter to something that appeared to be “very strange” about his own personal Twitter account — only about a day’s worth of his tweets and replies would load when other users scrolled down his page, the Conservative Brief reported.

While that may well have been due to an odd glitch, a general consensus was formed among many users that Twitter was purposefully throttling Musk’s account to limit his interactions with others.

Musk’s Twitter page limited

A Musk-supporting Twitter user with the handle @stevenmarkryan tagged Musk in a thread of tweets on Monday that began: “Hey @elonmusk, twitter is FKING you. Dear everyone, SCROLL down on @elonmusk’s tweets & replies and tell me ….. DO THEY STOP LOADING????”

That was followed by a poll that asked: “Do @elonmusk’s tweets stop loading after a short scroll for YOU too?” Out of more than 10,600 users who participated in that poll, nearly 80 percent replied “Yes” that Musk’s tweets stopped loading after a brief scroll of his page.

The thread continued with a link to a video showing what the user had talked about, after which he wrote, “The thing that’s fk’d about this is NO TRANSPARENCY. Twitter FKs users without consent (there’s a word for that, isn’t there …?) and doesn’t tell anyone what they’ve done. Users have NO RECOURSE and most never even KNOW they were — or are still BEING — FK’d. Not cool.”

The user concluded, “Hoping soon after this tweet thread is posted this ‘bug’ is fixed, but I’m not counting on it.”

Issue confirmed by other users, journalists

The comments in reply to that thread were filled with numerous other users who confirmed that they were experiencing the same issue when viewing Musk’s page directly, and a few even posted short video clips to visually display how Musk’s tweets and replies stopped loading after a short scroll.

Musk himself eventually replied on Tuesday to the thread he was tagged in about the alleged “bug” in the system that prevented his prior tweets and replies from loading for other users, and simply tweeted, “Very strange indeed!”

The Conservative Brief ultimately noted that the U.K.’s Daily Mail as well as the New York Post both published articles that confirmed that their journalists had experienced the same problem. However, perhaps due to the awareness raised about the issue, it now appears to have been fixed and users can scroll much deeper through Musk’s prior tweets and replies.

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