Names of Epstein associates to be made public in coming months, report says

 February 11, 2023

Documents containing lists of convicted child sex predator Jeffrey Epstein's associates are expected to be made public in the next few months, according to media reports in sources like the Daily Mail

The documents have been sealed since 2019 when Epstein died of apparent suicide in jail, and contain many names of victims and associates that had to agree to the release. They were also used in a 2015 suit against Ghislaine Maxwell by Virginia Giuffre, one of the trafficking victims, and set to be released over time after that suit was settled.

Many have questioned why the names have been kept secret for so long, accusing government powers of protecting those who took part in the victimization of underage girls by Epstein, who was accused of trafficking them for his friends and associates to victimize.

Prince Andrew and law professor and commentator Alan Dershowitz are expected to be among the names listed. Andrew has already been accused of raping Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre) when she was 17, and has been cut off from royal duties by his family over the allegations.

Are the denials true?

While Andrew denied the allegations, he settled a battery lawsuit by Guiffre for $12 million.

Dershowitz has denied any association with Epstein or participation in the trafficking. The document that identifies him is expected to reveal that the accuser said she made a mistake when she identified Dershowitz, and he has called for it and any other documents concerning him to be made public.

Other known associates of Epstein include Bill Gates and former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, but it is not known whether their names will be included in the documents.

All three have denied any involvement in the trafficking, and Gates and Trump both say their involvement with Epstein was limited. Trump said he banned Epstein from Mar-A-Lago and cut ties after finding out about his sex crimes, although it was later revealed that he, too, flew on the private jet.

Epstein was a billionaire who contributed to many political campaigns and groups, and that could be the only reason he crossed paths with people like Gates and Trump.

Was Clinton involved?

Gates' connection to Epstein was reportedly part of the reason his wife Melinda left him in 2021, although she did not say he had been involved in anything elicit with Epstein.

There have been allegations that Clinton flew on Epstein's private jet more than a dozen times, including to his private island where much of the trafficking took place. Clinton has of course denied everything, but it's not a big stretch for many people to believe he was involved, given his famous affairs and alleged assaults on a number of women including much-younger intern Monica Lewinsky.

If the revelations include him, it could be an embarrassment for his wife, Hillary Clinton, who may be trying one last run at the presidency if President Joe Biden steps aside for health reasons.

The revelations in the documents will end the stories about which high-profile people were involved with Epstein and his sex trafficking, unless new revelations come out from another source.

His once-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell is serving 20 years in prison for helping him procure underage girls for his activities, but she hasn't said much about who was involved other than what was already known.

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