Nancy Pelosi angling for ambassador role in Italy: Report

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is mulling semi-retirement in Italy as she faces the prospect of losing her House majority, according to a report.

Fox News Business’ Maria Bartiromo reported that Pelosi is angling to be ambassador to Rome.

Pelosi dreams of Italy

Pelosi, who is Italian, went vacationing in Italy this summer with her drunk-driving husband at a beach resort owned by opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

If she were to become ambassador to Rome, she would live in a fifteenth-century mansion with a pool, private gardens, and a three-story wine cellar — a perfect fit for a decadent oligarch like Pelosi, who is known for her love of finer things. She owns a vineyard in California’s wine country with her husband.

Presidents often reward their most loyal supporters with comfortable ambassadorial roles, Fox Business reported.

Sources told the outlet that Biden has been holding the post in Rome open for Pelosi, one of Biden’s most important political allies, in case she loses her majority.

Biden has left the position vacant since his presidency began. More than a quarter of ambassadorial positions lack a Senate-confirmed appointee, the report added.

Pelosi denies report

But Pelosi claimed that she has no interest in the sinecure, with her office dismissing the report as “utter nonsense.”

Her spokesperson accused Bartiromo of publishing the report without first contacting Pelosi, although the Daily Mail claims they obtained an e-mail showing that Bartiromo did reach out.

“The Speaker has no interest in this position and has not discussed it with anyone in the White House,” Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hamill said.

Regardless of her next steps, many speculate that Pelosi, 82, is ready to cash out after decades of “public service” during which she became a multi-millionaire.

A lot hinges on whether Pelosi keeps her majority in the midterm elections, but historical trends and the current political climate — Biden is about as popular as herpes — suggest that isn’t likely.