Nancy Pelosi given Women In Power award by Illinois Democrats

 March 10, 2023

Conservatives have long regarded Nancy Pelosi as an arch villain in American politics, and some may have hoped she would fade into obscurity after her party's loss this past November. If so, then they are bound to be disappointed.

According to The Chicago Crusader, Democrats in the Illinois state House named Pelosi as one of their 2023 Women In Power award recipients at an event in Chicago last week.

Pelosi praised for having "shattered the glass ceilings"

House Speaker Emanuel "Chris" Welch was among those who praised Pelosi, saying, "No conversation on trailblazing women could be complete without recognizing Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi."

"Speaker Pelosi, you have always been that voice," Welch declared. "You have shattered the glass ceilings. You have been the inspiration for us all."

This was not Pelosi's only appearance in the Windy City, as on Monday she also delivered an address at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics.

Former speaker tells aspiring politicians to "know why you're interested"

"And I always tell women or young people, if you are interested in this, know your why," the former House speaker told her listeners.

"Know why you're interested," she continued. "Is it about democracy? Is it about climate? Is it about education? Is it about fairness? Is it about LGBTQ? What is it that motivates you to be interested?"

However, some Twitter users were quick to insist that Pelosi's primary interest has always revolved around enriching herself.

Bill to limit congressional stock trading named after Pelosi

"Nancy Pelosi, THE best insider-trader of our times," one alleged, adding, "Must be nice to have all company details before anyone else."

Claims that Pelosi has used her office for personal gain are not new, and they have lead Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley to introduce the Preventing Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments (PELOSI) Act.

Fox News reported that the legislation would require members of Congress and their spouses to divest themselves of stocks or put them in a blind trust within six months of entering office. Members who exclusively own mutual funds would not be affected.

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