Nancy Pelosi says Democrats ‘have to change that subject’ from inflation

Polls show that the economy has Americans worried, with a survey published by Morning Consult/Politico showing that 71% say that they are “very concerned” about inflation, representing a 5% jump from August.

Those numbers appear to have House Speaker Nancy Pelosi concerned ahead of next month’s midterm elections: during an interview this past weekend, Pelosi tried to deny that inflation is the main issue.

“The fight is not about inflation”

Her remarks came on Sunday when CBS News’ “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan asked about Democrats’ prospects.

Pelosi claimed to feel “very confident” as voters head to the polls, insisting, “I see very clearly that the ownership of the ground is with us. It’s about getting out the vote.”

“When I hear people talking about inflation…We have to change that subject. Inflation is a global phenomenon,” Pelosi asserted.

“The EU, the European Union, the UK, the British–have a higher inflation rate than we do here,” she continued, adding, “The fight is not about inflation–it’s about the cost of living.”

“And if you look at what we have done, to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, to bring down the cost of energy and the rest in our legislation, you will see that it has been opposed every step of the way by the Republicans.”

Poll shows voters trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle inflation

Those remarks didn’t go over well with Republican Florida congressional candidate Cory Mills. He pointed out to “Fox & Friends” that Americans are paying “an extra month in salary today to buy the things they bought just 22 months ago.

An ABC News/Ipsos poll put out over the weekend reported that voters have more faith in Republicans than Democrats regarding tackling inflation.

As Politico reported, “On both the economy and gas prices, 36 percent of Americans trust Republicans more than Democrats —12 and 14 points higher than the percentage of people who trust Democrats on those issues, respectively.”