Nancy Pelosi says war in Ukraine vindicates ‘patriotic’ Trump impeachment

Democrats are capitalizing on the war in Ukraine to rewrite the history of one of their greatest Trump-era embarrassments: the melodramatic, failed Ukraine impeachment.

In a recent interview, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) argued that the war in Ukraine proves that Democrats had “no choice” but to impeach President Trump, Breitbart reported.

Pelosi revisits “patriotic” Ukraine impeachment

Pelosi impeached Trump in 2019 for making military aid to Ukraine conditional on promises to investigate Joe Biden’s corruption in the country, in what Democrats at the time called a “quid pro quo.”

Until recently, the controversy — much like the Russian collusion hoax that simply fizzled out after consuming the better part of Trump’s term — had been forgotten, with Democrats having long moved on from the failed political stunt.

But in a recent softball interview with Time Magazine’s Molly Ball, Pelosi was given an opportunity to revisit and recast her party’s first of two impeachments as a righteous triumph for “democracy.”

Ball asked Pelosi whether the episode, which inspired such bitter partisan divisions at the time, looks “different” in light of recent events in Ukraine. While many saw the impeachment as a political effort to cancel a presidential election that Democrats couldn’t accept losing, Pelosi said it wasn’t “at all” partisan.

“I don’t think it was partisan at all. I think it was patriotic, I thought it was honoring our Constitution, and the former president gave us no choice,” Pelosi said.

“Deadly serious”

Pelosi added that in hindsight, the Ukraine drama looks even more “deadly serious” than it did at the time, when Democrats were widely mocked for an over-the-top spectacle that their media allies described as “historic,” and which most Americans can barely recall today.

Trump, Pelosi said, was somehow undermining America’s “national security” and “democracy” by withholding aid to Ukraine, although she failed to elaborate on this connection.

“When the former president did what he did on that phone call with President Zelensky, he gave me no choice. Here was a president who was undermining our national security, undermining the integrity of our elections in a way that was appalling,” she said.

While Pelosi constantly sought to undermine Trump in the name of “democracy,” she and her allies have since embarked on a witch hunt against anyone daring to question President Biden’s legitimacy — also in the name of “democracy.”

It’s almost as if “democracy” is just whatever the Democrats want.

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