Nancy Pelosi went too far – she’s in danger

To understand why Nancy Pelosi finds herself in her current predicament, it’s important to know one thing about her – she cares about politics, not reality.

Like many politicians, Pelosi sees real events through a lens of political opportunity. When a virus infects the bodies of Americans and wreaks untold damage on the economy, Pelosi sees only a crisis she can exploit.

But Pelosi seems to be losing her touch recently. And her most recent stumble could be fatal to her party’s chances in November.

The Washington Examiner reports:

For the past week or so, Pelosi and the other Democratic leaders have refused to approve additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program, a fund established by Congress earlier this month to help struggling small businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic. That fund has officially run dry, less than two weeks after launching.

Despite the crisis for small businesses, Pelosi is gambling everything on an attempt to hold businesses hostage to her political goals.

It’s not an accident:

Of course, we all support the Paycheck Protection Program,” Pelosi said, adding that Democrats would like to see the program include funding for other sectors, too, before they approve the package in its entirety.

The Democrats are trying to do to the PPP what they did to Congress’s $2 trillion relief package — they’re trying to fill it with additional, unrelated funding that requires comprehensive debate. The small businesses shutting their doors don’t have time for that debate, which is why Senate Republicans have pushed for a stand-alone bill that would immediately address the needs of the PPP, while tabling the Democrats’ additional funding requests for Congress’s next relief package. This seems like a straightforward, fair offer, but the Democrats have continued to stonewall, all while pointing the finger at Republicans.

So, it’s difficult to take Pelosi seriously when she speaks of leadership. She clearly thinks of herself as a good leader, yet she continues to do that which she’s condemned: She refuses to take responsibility for the PPP’s funding shortage and points the finger at the other side of the political aisle instead.

Now Pelosi is exactly where she doesn’t want to be. The crisis is real and getting worse – and there’s no one more exposed than her.

The middle class, especially the small business owners, aren’t going to be fooled by her excuses. Twice now, she’s decided to hold them hostage to the liberal Christmas list.

Americans in Michigan, Wisconson and Pennsylvania won’t forget her political manipulations.

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