Napolitano: Biden wants ‘most massive peacetime transfer of wealth’ in history, and it’s ‘unconstitutional’

In an analysis of the spending and taxation for which President Joe Biden advocated in his speech to Congress last night, Judge Andrew Napolitano said in a Fox News op-ed that it would be the “most massive peacetime transfer of wealth in the history of the world, and none of it is authorized by the Constitution.”

Napolitano, a Fox News contributor, pointed out that the Biden administration would borrow three times as much as it collects in taxes and that the biggest losers in the whole scenario would be “future generations of Americans.”

Biden has proposed a $4 trillion annual budget for 2022, has signed a $1.9 trillion COVID relief package, and less than a month later wants a $2.3 trillion infrastructure package and a $1.8 trillion bill he says will aid “American families.”

If all of Biden’s proposals come to fruition, it would amount to fundamental changes to American society, including free pre-k and community college, forced unionization for many workers, voting changes that could dishonestly keep Democrats in perpetual power, and massive new regulations to combat so-called climate change that would mean nearly a whole new way of life.

$30 trillion

It would also leave the country more than $30 trillion in debt, which Napolitano says would be nearly impossible to pay back.

“We have to prove democracy still works, that our government still works and we can deliver for our people,” Biden said in justification for his massive spending proposals.

Napolitano predicted that the spending could ruin the economic recovery after the coronavirus and cause inflation. It would be “Biden misery visited upon all,” he said.

Napolitano looked at Constitutional history that reluctantly allowed a government bank but was never comfortable with its implications, even when the Supreme Court tried to say it was constitutional for government to borrow unlimited amounts of money if it was for the “common good.”

He asked lawmakers and Biden to think about some unsettling questions.

“How much longer can a society last with a central government that does not pay its bills? Why have a Constitution that limits the government if no person or entity enforces the limitations? Why have taxes in the first place if borrowing and deferring debt will do?” he asks.

Progressives say they are running Democrat agenda

Meanwhile, progressive lawmakers claimed credit for Biden’s agenda and said they are now running the party.

“Progressives are winning the battle of ideas. We are setting the agenda for the Democratic Party and the country as a whole. Let’s keep going,” former Elizabeth Warren campaign operative Max Berger said of Biden’s address.

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11 Responses

  1. Another part of their plan to reach their goal. This will give them an excuse to raise taxes until everyone is broke and reliant on the government. Then take your vaccinations, own nothing and be happy 😄. Don’t forget that they also want to reduce the number of people on earth.

  2. Joe Biden is a unamerican piece of trash. Liberals don’t know history. Uneducated gutter rats. All democrats should be arrested and deported. All are traitors. Joe Biden and Obama just be hung on the white house lawn.

    1. You got that right. Some people have claimed that there are tracers in the vaccinations – tracers in order for the DemoRATS to know who you are, where you live and what you do. So that when they decide to wipe out a certain group of Americans they know where to go to do so. If this is true, what a way to wipe out a country, (Personally, I wouldn’t put anything past these DemoRATs presently in power.)

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  4. This regime needs to be ousted. No confidence in this administration. Can we afford to wait until 2024?
    Does this government represent the will, safety and liberties of the people it is chartered by the Constitution to protect? Not to mention the outrageous spending. Joe and his minions must be under hypnosis.

  5. I wonder how many in Congress or the Senate could past a test on The United States Constitution. I know most would fail. Spending money and borrowing money because you are the President of this great country is wrong. Let us We The People Have a say not Congress no the Senate. It We The People we put you there we should be able to remove you. Now not in 4 years. Don’t hurt the American people hurt our emenies

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  8. I don’t know why governor of Texas Arizona don’t put all these kids on buses these illegal kids and bought some to the White House drop them off drop off twenty thousand of them off let the world see that we do have a problem On the Border because of Biden

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