National Guard members face gunfire in Minnesota amid unrest: Reports

Minnesota National Guard members and police officers on a neighborhood security team were met with gunfire Sunday morning in the northern area of Minneapolis, leaving two with minor injuries, Breitbart reported.

The Minnesota National Guard said in a tweet that “a light-colored SUV fired several shots at [a Minnesota OSN] security team providing neighborhood security.”

“One Guardsman sustained an injury from shattered glass requiring additional care and was taken to a local hospital to receive treatment,” the Guard added. “The other Guardsman received only superficial injuries.”

“Volatility and tension”

In a statement, Major General Shawn Manke, Minnesota National Guard Adjutant General, said “[t]his event highlights the volatility and tension in our communities right now.”

“I ask for peace as we work through this difficult time,” he added, according to Breitbart.

Just over 500 National Guard troops are currently deployed in Minnesota, but reports indicate that number is expected to increase in anticipation of a verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, which could come within the next few days as lawyers wrap up their closing arguments.

Chauvin could be convicted of one of several different charges including second or third-degree murder, or manslaughter.

He could also be acquitted on all charges if the jury sides with the defense that 46-year-old George Floyd could have died last May as the result of a drug overdose as he was being arrested, regardless of Chauvin’s actions.

Judge and jury

Activists and organizers have already suggested they would encourage rioting if Chauvin doesn’t get the book thrown at him, and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) encouraged unrest far more than former President Donald Trump ever did over the weekend, urging protesters to “stay on the street” indefinitely if Chauvin is acquitted, according to The Sun.

Emotions are already running high near Minneapolis as another police shooting took place last week when a female officer apparently grabbed her gun instead of a taser and shot 20-year-old Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center as he was allegedly trying to flee in his car to avoid arrest.

The officer in question has already resigned and been charged with second-degree manslaughter, even as the family demands harsher charges for what the police chief, who has also resigned, has claimed was an “accidental” shooting, according to NPR.

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35 Responses

  1. Time to shoot back. Enough is enough. These antifa and BLM need to be brought down. They are violent people burning down cities, attacking innocent people and police as well. It needs to stop,

      1. Do what has to be done to stop these wackos they have to be stopped to show they can’t get away with any criminal activity……

      2. Wrong. Biden is ignoring what’s going on. George Soros and his organizations are funding the violence, unrest, looting and endangering the people living there. Soros has the bricks delivered for attacking stores, building, people and doing whatever they can to disrupt and terrorize as much as they can.

    1. WAY PAST TIME TO SHOOT BACK! These are Terrorists and Revolutionaries! Deal with using Extreme Equal Force! You NEVER gain any positive result when you try to placate an aggressor or a Bully or a Terrorist!

  2. The head of the guard should not be asking for peace but should be demanding his troops give back what they get. KEEP PLAYING THE DEMOCRATIC PANSI GAME AND THIS WILL NOT STOP Meet force with force. If you can not lead, Major General Manke, then step down and give over command to some one who supports the constitution and has the guts to enforce the law. STOP BEING A DEMOCRAT.
    Disabled Veteran U.S.Naval Air 64-71

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  4. I believe the rioting is going to continue regardless of the verdict. In a perfect world it would all stop after a guilty verdict but then they’re going to riot because of the shooting of Dante. It’s a no win situation.

  5. Conclusion – Not Guilty Verdict – riots, Guilty Verdict – riots, No Reason – riots. Just get ready for the riots all over the country. Make sense? No.

  6. Why is it “insurrection” when a group of white people gather and unrest when a group of black people gather? These riots are little more than an excuse to redistribute wealth through killing, maiming, mutilating, and robbing law abiding citizens.

  7. Daunte Wright would be still alive if he only followed the police orders. He disobeyed the police officers. He had a warrant out for his arrest. It’s Daunte Wrights own fault that he got shot! The police don’t know if he has a gun in his car. Just obey the law. It’s Daunte own fault. This is solely on him and his actions!! And Maximize Waters should be thrown out of congress and put in jail for in-sighting violence.

    1. Steve i agree, Daunte Wright would be alive if he’d obeyed the police comand. These crumbs are getting what they deserve.If you can’t follow law and order then you get what you deserve.l

      1. hey i agree with you 100% and go a step further. If parents would teach their children to respect the police and do what they ask than the killing of American Americans would be almost zero. Each case, each shooting has occurred because the African American would not listen to the police and try to escape. This guy had a warrant and at 20 that says something. I would think if there was a total investigation into wright there be proof that he is a criminal. The parents should be ashamed of themselves because they failed in teaching there child what is right or wrong.

        1. Hit the nail on the head. Generation x, and whatever, have learned racism and hate from their parents — and yes, I’m referring to the blacks and other minorities. They learned from mommy (sans daddy more often than not) to milk the system getting foodstamps, welfare, etc., by making babies and teaching their babies to make babies — and to hate; especially to hate. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of blacks, hispanics, etc., work and learned to respect authority. Not many of today’s youth — black, white, hispanic, etc.; they learned to hate, to disrespect authority to leech off of us working stiffs, and yet they have the audacity to say they’re owed? Why? Because because they are? Now those, folks, are failed abortions…they were born without a soul

  8. This is crazy. We need a strong President and we instead have one in diapers. Maxine Walters needs to be locked up and gagged under her mask. This rioting business is only going to spread with the police and national guard continuing to be abused. Yes, the training of police and guard might need some retraining, but these public idiots are just causing more trouble and killing children. This will only lead to the destruction of America. We have raised a generation of “me” people. They don’t know how to work, don’t want to work and so this is what they do instead — cause riots and kill.

    1. Destroy America…. exactly the objective of the Dems funding these rioters! Black people are being used & don’t even know it. Or, they do know & actually believe we’ll be better off living under Communism. It’s tragic that our own government is taking America down & half the people are helping them do it.

  9. If FIRED UPON they HAVE THE RIGHT TO FIRE BACK TEN FOLD. If a ROCK or any other item is thrown at them they have the RIGHT to throw it BACK. If attacked with a club they should be armed with clubs and fight back. NO one has the RIGHT to accuse and SUE any officer for INJURIES INFLICTED by this CONFRINTATION, PERIOD. OBEY THE LAW or SUFFER THE RESULTS, PERIOD. See how SOON PEACE WILL PREVAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Arrest Maxine Waters she is responsible for injury to National Guard patriots with her racist actions and big mouth.

  11. I’ll bet the NG’s don’t have bullets or they were told not to fire back. Shame as they will probably have to to save their lives.

  12. I say kill’em all,let God sort’em out. Want to shoot, throw cans,and rocks at Guardsmen shoot them terrorist!

  13. The only thing I can say about Maxine Waters is she is one of the main reasons I do not vote Dem from way back when she was brought into office. and while I am here what about the reason to remove a president for not protecting the U.S.A. president Biden is definitely not!

  14. Anyone who does not like this country is free to leave instead of trying to cause hatred between the races. This goes double for elected officials who are racist like garbage m. waters.


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