Navarro: Nancy Pelosi ‘lost me’ with proposal to send stimulus checks to illegal immigrants

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) disastrous coronavirus stimulus package has been widely panned by both sides of the aisle, and according to White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, any hope that the White House would approve the bill is essentially over for Pelosi. 

Navarro isn’t alone in his criticism of the bill, with moderate Democrats, House progressives, and Republicans of all stripes coming out against the bloated proposal.

“You lost me”

Navarro said in an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday that Pelosi’s inclusion of stimulus checks of $1,200 for illegal immigrants was the first red flag in the bill, and it went “downhill” from there.

“So, Nancy Pelosi basically lost me with that package when she has $1,200 checks for illegal immigrants, and it just goes downhill from there,” Navarro said.

“What we have to do … is basically go with the fiscal and monetary stimulus that we have been going through,” he explained. “What I’m focused on, and this is the real key to success, is going to be the structural adjustments we are going to have to make.”

Navarro remarked that focusing on pivoting medical manufacturing from China back to the US, and promoting the “buy America, deregulate, innovate agenda” is what will bring the US roaring back from the coronavirus crisis, not another budget-busting stimulus.

Pelosi’s gamble loses

Pelosi’s $3 trillion proposals, introduced last week, only passed the house by a 208-199 vote, with over a dozen Democrats defecting over concerns that it was either not progressive enough, or too ambitious to make it through the Senate.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) confirmed that Senate Republicans are not taking the bill seriously, despite Pelosi’s overtures that there are “no red lines” when it comes to negotiating with Republicans in the Senate.

Lee called the bill a “complete non-starter” in a Fox News appearance on Friday.

“Obviously, we’re very worried about what they passed. It’s not going to become law. We have to remember … this is a stimulus bill, a $3 trillion wish list of progressive priorities, one that has absolutely no chance of passing in the Senate,” Lee said.

Now keep in mind … the word cannabis appears more times in this bill than the word jobs. It contains a trillion-dollar bailout for mismanaged states. It contains a huge tax cut, a huge series of tax cuts for rich liberals in big-spending democratic states,” he continued. “It contains amnesty for illegal immigrants and gives illegal immigrants stimulus checks, so this is a complete non-starter.”

Democrats were able to force Republicans’ hands in the last round of coronavirus stimulus talks in late March due to the urgent need to provide assistance to millions of Americans that had just lost their jobs. Now, as the US enters recovery mode, Democrats no longer have the upper hand. Pelosi seems to be just now finding out that she no longer has any leverage over the Republican-led Senate.

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