New Navarro report points to enough ‘potentially illegal ballots’ to overturn Michigan results

White House adviser Peter Navarro has occupied a prominent place of influence within the Trump administration.

In a recent video, the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy director made his argument that President Donald Trump was the rightful winner of Michigan’s 16 electoral votes in last month’s election.

“More than twice the alleged victory margin”

The video came as an accompaniment to his written report, “The Immaculate Deception,” which was released last Tuesday to detail “six key dimensions of election irregularities” in 2020 races. In both, Navarro presented some startling number he asserted would serve as evidence that Trump was cheated out of a re-election win.

“I’ve concluded that the number of possible illegal votes in the state of Michigan tops 379,000 ballots, more than twice the alleged victory margin of Joe Biden,” he claimed.

Citing the director of the firm Big Data Poll, Navarro went on to note that Richard Barris “has found approximately 9,500 Michigan voters who returned ballots who were confirmed dead through the Social Security Death Index.”

Furthermore, Navarro claimed that 2,000 voters over 100 years old were not listed in the state’s list of living centenarians.

“Data from the Wayne County statement votes report lists 174,384 absentee ballots as without individual voter registration numbers and therefore illegally counted,” he added.

“An objection to Georgia’s electors”

With a sizable advantage at the end of Election Day, Navarro claimed that Trump had “what seemed to be an insurmountable lead” over Biden until vote tallies were updated over the next several hours.

“However, between midnight of Election Day and dawn the next morning, the world bore witness to an inexplicable vote surge of almost 200,000 ballots come in for Joe Biden in the dead of night compared to only about 10,000 ballots for Donald Trump,” Navarro concluded.

Combining “all of these potentially illegal ballots,” he said, would warrant a reversal of the state’s reported election results. Navarro’s 36-page report also examined allegations of election irregularities in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

As U.S. Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) noted, a group of GOP lawmakers met with Trump to discuss remaining options in the ongoing fight to overturn Biden’s media-declared win.

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