Navy turns wood and other materials from historic warship into desk for VP Harris

The U.S. president sits behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office of the White House as a powerful symbol of executive authority.

President Joe Biden is not the only one in his administration with an impressive desk, however, now that the U.S. Navy has used wood from one of America’s oldest warships to build Vice President Kamala Harris a desk of her own.

“Provenance, history, and heritage”

The USS Constitution, also known as Old Ironsides, was first launched in the late 18th century and went on to be sent into combat in some of the young nation’s first naval conflicts, such as the undeclared Quasi-War with France, the Barbary Wars, and the War of 1812.

Today, the historic ship is still floating as a museum at Boston Harbor — as well as providing raw materials for what critics say is a vanity project for the vice president.

The Navy Seabees reportedly began building the desk in January, using wood, copper, and nails taken from two renovations of the warship. In February, the project was completed, including eagles and stars carved into its exterior as an inspiration from the ship’s stern.

According to Navy personnel, the project was developed as a way to provide the vice president with a desk of similar significance to the Resolute Desk, which was a British gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes.

“The desk project was initiated to deliver a desk of comparable … provenance, history, and heritage as the president’s HMS Resolute desk.”

“Lasting reminders to our civilian leaders”

Some might interpret the news as another sign that Harris is taking on an outsized role within the Biden administration under a president many critics believe is experiencing cognitive decline.

In reality, the project was authorized in January as part of the Trump administration. Nevertheless, the gesture might be seen as appropriate for the ever-ambitious current vice president.

The Navy also constructed a desk for its secretary using materials from the USS Constitution and a number of other American warships.

Paul Taylor, a spokesperson for Naval History and Heritage Command, said that the desks will serve as “lasting reminders to our civilian leaders that today’s Navy and our diverse sailors and Marines are deployed forward — alongside our allies and partners — to deter aggression and preserve freedom of the seas.”

Of course, other U.S. military history buffs might find it tragic to see what has become of pieces of Old Ironsides.

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19 Responses

  1. How much did Harris desk cost the tax payers? I want one. Really the desk that was their wasn’t good enough. Disgusting.

  2. What can you expect from an ignorant BLACK WOMAN, who thinks the United States of American should become the united states of new Africa?!? She is doing every ting she possibly can to shift every right to blacks, whether they deserve t or not! Just look what she did for the horrible creeps and murdering savages! She is so full of hate one can not differentiate her from the rest of her ilk (Pelosi, Schumer,, etc.)! She feels that if we al give everything we have EARNED to the blacks, it may justify the poor things idea of reparations! HOW STUPID IS THAT?!? None of these blacks have any idea what their ancestors went through, including having their own people sell them to the English for BEADS!!

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  4. Didn’t these fools realize that Harris does not give a $hit about the Navy, Military or Service personnel in general. She does not deserve a cardboard box.

  5. If she paid as much attention to the border as she has to the VP house she might be better liked. Oddly, the house was good enough for other VP

  6. I can’t possibly use the words in this to describe Kamala Harris. Former prostitute to get what she wanted politically. Most radical Senator in Congress.
    No morals. Childless except what she inherited from her husband not impressive. Married a crook lawyer that is disrespected and can’t be trusted reputation as a lawyer! However, birds of a feather flock together so they were attracted naturally to one another. Hungry for power and thinks she has something to offer…wrong!! Believes in disobeying the law and has proved it!
    Supports rioters and criminals. No wonder she could care less about the border and our contry. A complete phoney in capital letters. Can’t stand her!!!!

  7. The desk is not for Kamala. It’s for the office of Vice President. I don’t see a problem here, except I would like one for myself as well.

  8. Legs up Harris must think she is important. She and Biden have no business being in the WH. They are communist a-holes, and should be impeached!

  9. All respect for the navy has now disappeared. They are also bending to the corrupt left. What is wrong with them. They are supposed to be protecting our country, not brown nosing the VP. She isn’t worth the rotten wood they used.

  10. She isn’t worth a hill of beans. I wish the news correspondents would stop writing about like she was worth a shiny new nickel or something!

  11. She does NOT deserve that desk since she and the other fools running this country dont give a d— about our Constitution or any of the other principles this country was founded on.

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