NBC deletes tweet likening Martha’s Vineyard migrants to ‘trash’

The leftist outrage over Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) decision to send 50 illegal Venezuelan immigrants to the rich white liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard has certainly been revealing.

NBC news deleted a tweet quoting a liberal activist who compared the immigrants — who have since been removed from Martha’s Vineyard by the military — to “trash,” Fox News reported.

NBC deletes tweet comparing migrants to “trash”

DeSantis sent the migrants as part of a political stunt to draw attention Joe Biden’s reckless open border policy.

While many on the left turned to virtue signaling about “human trafficking,” Max Lefeld, a Venezuelan American who runs a group for Venezuelan refugees, likened DeSantis’ move to dumping garbage everywhere.

The unusually candid quote was tweeted out by NBC, then deleted, but it remains in the published article.

“It’s like me taking my trash out and just driving to different areas where I live and just throwing my trash there,” Lefeld told NBC.

Within a day, the National Guard had the “trash” removed from the island, which voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Democrat hypocrisy exposed, but virtue signalers march on

Many say the incident exposed the hypocrisy of white Democrats who vote for “diversity” but prefer to live without it in their personal lives. Yet, the migrants’ prompt removal from Martha’s Vineyard hasn’t stopped the town’s residents from congratulating themselves for their supposed altruism.

A sentimental puff piece at CNN said the migrants left an “indelible” mark on the community, with one resident saying they “enriched” the mostly white and liberal island during their brief stay.

While the left has accused DeSantis of cruelty to the migrants, Democrats have yet to acknowledge the southern border crisis that is burdening communities all over the country.

According to the latest numbers, a record 2 million migrants have been caught at the southern border this fiscal year — courtesy of Biden’s open borders regime.