Nearly catatonic Biden says he could ‘drop dead tomorrow’ in concerning interview

President Biden made some jarring comments during an interview Sunday in which he once again showed worrying signs of confusion.

The 79-year-old Democrat told MSNBC that he could “drop dead tomorrow,” the Hill reported.

Biden says he could drop dead “tomorrow”

Biden conceded that concerns about his age are “legitimate,” but to those voters worried he is losing a step, Biden asked to be judged on his “energy level” rather than his age.

That’s not much of a compliment to Biden, who appears tired and confused on his good days. At his worst, he’s calling out for deceased lawmakers and shaking hands with people who aren’t there.

“But I think the best way to make the judgment is to watch me,” he told MSNBC. “I’m a great respecter of fate. I could get a disease tomorrow. I could drop dead tomorrow.”

Come again, Joe?

Biden also continued to equivocate on his plans for 2024, saying he has the “intention” to run again but he hasn’t decided yet. A glassy-eyed Biden froze up during his response, which led to considerable commentary online.

“Dr. Biden thinks that uh, my wife thinks that uh, that I uh, that we’re that we’re doing something very important,” Biden mumbled.

Pliable puppet

Public confidence in Biden — who turns 80 on November 20 — has collapsed since he entered office, and it’s not much of a mystery as to why.

With the economy spiraling and his party’s political prospects fading fast a little over two weeks before the midterm elections, Biden decided that the best way to reach voters was to interview a transgender TikTok star.

Biden, a self-described devout Catholic, sounded like a pliable puppet as he blasted “immoral” efforts by Republicans to prevent children from getting sex changes, or “gender-affirming care,” as liberals call it.

Whatever condition Biden is in physically, he appears to have all but sold his soul in the pursuit of power.