Fox News’ Neil Cavuto responds on air to hate mail received from his viewers

Fox News host Neil Cavuto recently returned from a short absence and likely delighted some of his viewers by reading and responding to examples of the hate mail he routinely receives, something that he has occasionally done before for laughs, according to Mediaite

Cavuto, who remains consistently neutral on most of the news he covers, found himself on the outs with a number of Fox News viewers during the few times he took a jab or two at former President Donald Trump — at least if social media is any indicator. The intensity of his haters increased not long after the 2020 election when Cavuto’s show cut away from a Trump campaign press conference regarding alleged election fraud, as Vanity Fair reported.

Cavuto responds

That didn’t stop Cavuto from skewering his critics on-air after reading their hate mail, however. “I didn’t want you dead…just horribly incapacitated enough that you wouldn’t ever return. Nothing personal,” one viewer, identified as Victor from New Jersey, said.

Cavuto was curt in his response: “Well, thank you for the clarification, Victor.”

Another critic referred to Cavuto as a “pompous, elitist, phony, wormy, sanctimonious twit who doesn’t realize the only reason he’s on TV is because people feel sorry for him. Or he’s paid them off.”

“Well, apparently you do because you keep emailing me!” Cavuto retorted.

A viewer identified as Fred. R. wrote, “Neil is a Mutt. And I do not hate him. I just do not watch him anymore,” which provided Cavuto with an easy counter. The host retorted: “Well apparently you do because I think you write every day.”

Nothing is off limits

Cavuto has experienced a number of health issues over the course of his life and several since joining the founding cast of Fox News in 1996, including a cancer scare, serious heart complications, and a recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, according to The Hill.

Apparently, many members of the anti-Cavuto club even resorted to using his history of health problems against him, including one viewer who suggested Cavuto “should have retired after his heart attack long ago.”

“The good news back then was that we all discovered you actually HAD a heart. That blew me away. Pity it didn’t blow YOU away! I’ve heard about all your medical issues — cancer in your 20s and MS now. Kudos to hanging in there, I guess. You’ve got that going for you,” a viewer identified as Cleaver wrote.

In a particularly nasty comment, a viewer identified as Ben wrote, “Man, you are one needy self-absorbed nerd! Look at me! Have pity on me! Feel sorry for me! You ever think with all of these medical issues God is trying to tell you something? Like maybe He hates you too!”

Like him or not, the 62-year-old longtime Fox News veteran obviously knows that once one has been in the business long enough, one tends to build up a solid base of haters, and it’s admirable that he’s able to shake it off with a chuckle, as the show must go on.

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