Nevada Democrat accused by wife of making her stay silent about his affair

Nevada Democratic Rep. Steven Horsford has been accused by his wife of making her stay quiet about an affair that he had with a former congressional intern.

Sonya Douglass alleged in a Twitter thread that her husband pressured her to sign a non-disclosure agreement, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Democrat pressured wife to stay mum on affair

Douglass said she never planned to air the dirty laundry, but she was compelled by her husband’s “intimidation” to say something.

“I had no intention of posting anything and kept quiet the entire campaign. To think I would even want to mention his name is ridiculous. Who looks through the trash after you’ve taken it out? But I don’t respond well to bullying or intimidation so here we are,” she wrote.

She claimed that her husband is preemptively “blaming me should he lose his race” and that he tried to get her to sign an NDA blocking her from discussing their marriage or his affair, with steep financial penalties attached.

Horsford admitted in 2020 that he had an affair that lasted years with a former intern of the late Senator Harry Reid (D-Nv.), Gabriela Linder, after she publicized the relationship on a podcast.

Linder said that he introduced her to political bigwigs and gave her money, among other favors. At the time, Horsford conceded that he paid his then-girlfriend through his company. Despite the scandal, Horsford won re-election by five points.

Vulnerable Democrat fighting for another term

His seat in Nevada’s 4th District is rated “lean Democrat” by the non-partisan Cook Political Report but is expected to be more competitive this near amidst a challenging environment for Democrats nationally.

His Republican opponent in next week’s midterms Sam Peters said that the latest allegations raise doubts about “his character, his trustworthiness, and his ability to serve in his capacity as a congressman.”

Horsford’s wife has made clear from the start of his campaign that she isn’t happy he’s running.

“And that he would choose to file for re-election and force us to endure yet another season of living through the sordid details of the #horsfordaffair with #mistressforcongress rather than granting us the time and space to heal as a family,” she wrote. “This election cycle, I will not be silent.”

Honestly, Democrats probably aren’t thrilled either.