Nevada Democrats remove progressive chair leaders after just two years

 March 7, 2023

Nevada Democrats removed the progressive leader of its state party after two years of far-left policies.

Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno (D) defeated Judith Whitman 314-99 on Saturday to remove the Socialist-backed state leader.

The vote

"The Nevada Independent reported that Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno (D) beat out embattled incumbent Judith Whitmer by a margin of 314-99 in the state party chair election on Saturday," Breitbart News reported.

"Whitmer, who led a coalition of candidates endorsed by the Los Vegas chapter of the Democrat Socialists of America (LVDSA) to leadership positions in 2021, has drawn intense scrutiny from progressives and establishment types for her performance. Notably, the LVDSA abstained from endorsing in this year’s race," it added.

All about 2024

Monroe-Moreno said that “2024 is far too important, and the division within our party had to come to an end.”

“It wasn't going to do anyone any good,” she added. “The 2022 election cycle was difficult. We won a lot of seats, but we did it with division and we can’t continue to do that. So I ran so we can bring the family, the Democratic family, back together.”

The Assemblywoman also became the first black woman voted to the chair, adding a historic significance to the victory.

The move ahead of 2024 is also intended to help the party as it faces challenges to keep the state's Democratic vote in the presidential election.

Nevada went to President Joe Biden by a small margin in 2022, with many Democrats concerned over the potential for a conservative shift in the next election.

The 2022 election saw a Republican win as governor and a Democrat win in a close battle for the Senate. The closely divided state will largely center on Clark County, an area where Democrats hope to keep an advantage despite Gov. Joe Lombardo's victory as the state's GOP governor.

Monroe-Moreno's move will help the party focus on more moderate Democrat voters in the state but it's unclear which way the next election will unfold in the months ahead for Nevada's Democrats as it becomes a battleground state for the next presidential cycle.

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