New ad links Democratic senator to border sex trafficking

One effect of the migrant crisis along America’s southern border has been a boom in human trafficking, a fact that some Republican politicians have been drawing attention to.

A new ad is drawing attention to the problem as well, and it’s laying some of the blame on one of New Hampshire’s Democratic senators.  

The ad tells Sen. Maggie Hassan that “sex traffickers could never succeed without you”

According to Breitbart, the ad targeting Sen. Maggie Hassan appeared in the Union Leader this week and was paid for by a conservative group called Citizens for Sanity.

“Thank you Senator Hassan for keeping the border open,” it read, stating, “Sex traffickers could never succeed without friends like you.”

Other ads mention crime and protect women’s sports

This is far from being the only ad that Citizens for Sanity has put out. One released last week took issue with Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman’s support for allowing transgender athletes to compete against biological women.

Meanwhile, Citizens for Sanity produced an ad featuring video footage of attacks by violent criminals. According to a Gallup poll, just over half of Americans say they are worried a “great deal” about crime.

Yet another tactic that the organization has adopted is putting up billboards featuring sarcastic messages. One in Chicago reads, “If you don’t like being mugged then YOU are the problem.”

What’s more, a billboard in Atlanta expresses words of thanks to Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock “for voting to keep violent criminals out of jail,” adding, “Gang members need to earn a living too.”