New book claims Biden’s ‘temper’ prompted aides to avoid ‘confrontation’ on the campaign trail

A new book from a pair of seasoned journalists claims to expose the truth about President Joe Biden and the alleged “temper” that followed him along the road to the White House.

According to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, authors Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes allege in Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency that the new commander-in-chief had staffers cowering with “his epic tongue-lashings” on the 2020 campaign trail.

Biden’s “Irish temper”

In fact, it was Biden himself who once said that he had an “Irish temper,” as the Free Beacon noted — and his short fuse is thoroughly detailed by Allen and Parnes in their new book on the now-president’s “lucky” campaign.

“Biden’s temper, and his willingness to unleash it in small group settings, was one reason the people closest to him often avoided pushing him too hard to change his ways or take a particular course of action,” the pair write, according to the Free Beacon.

The authors go on to recount examples of Biden’s ire, which they say was often aimed at younger campaign aides like Greg Schultz, who was “hollered at” and “unloaded on” by a “visibly irritated” Biden, they allege, as the Free Beacon reported. The showdown reportedly came in response to Schultz suggesting that the then-candidate ought to “adjust his tone with younger voters.”

The authors also write that Biden’s most senior aides “conspicuously avoided confrontation” so as not to be on the wrong end of one of the Democrat’s temper tantrums.

“Nobody wants to suffer one of his epic tongue-lashings,” Allen and Parnes assert.

A short fuse

At another point in the book, Allen and Parnes reportedly claim that Biden’s temper almost got the better of him when then-Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) attacked him on the primary debate stage.

“This is just a bunch of bull****,” Biden allegedly said in an aside to fellow White House hopeful Pete Buttigieg, as the Free Beacon reported.

Of course, this isn’t the first time journalists are bringing up the issue of the president’s hostile disposition. In a report published in February 2020, Reuters recalled an instance in which Biden called a voter from Iowa “a damn liar” over remarks they made about his son’s allegedly nefarious business dealings.

At another point, he told a voter concerned about deportations, “You should vote for Trump.”

To this point, the White House hasn’t issued any comment about the contents of Allen and Parnes’ new book. But you can bet this won’t be the end of questions about whether Biden and his short fuse are really fit to lead the free world.

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25 Responses

    1. I agree. With dementia (probably alzheimers), people get very angry, because they know on some level, they can’t do what was easy before.

      My father had it. He was never aggressive, but he could get very frustrated.

    2. Getting furious is one part of dementia, and sundowners is another. I’ve been around a couple that were not blessed. The longer it goes the worse they can & sometimes will act out and it’s almost impossible to calm them down.

    3. I say go back at him, Don’t care what his damn is or was, I will Not Allow anyone to speak to me like he as done in the past! I’d tell Biden lowlife to go straight to hell and if he uttered another word or fail word in addressing me or any member of my family, he would be looking on the other side a law-suit. Someone needs to stand up and push back on Biden! I’ve watched his career for my 75 years and Biden has never told the truth when he could lay it off onto someone else . Biden is a real POS ! 😡🤮😱

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  2. The Democrats are past masters of spending money they proved it in the recent Covid bill. There’s nothing they can do that doesn’t involve spending huge amounts of money. 9% going to Covid I am incensed.

  3. This is just all part of the BIG plan to push him out and put Kamala in, she couldnt even get the Democratic nomination but now she is going to be President. This entire fiasco is all like a hollywood movie set, yet We the People are real and will really suffer due to their greed for money & power.

    1. Stop funding this false government. Refuse to give them our tax dollars to spend. We hold the purse not them. When they haven’t got our money, they will have to listen to the will of We The People.

    1. HE’S NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!!! I feel he’s hidden all the evidence of how crooked both Joe and his great son really are it’s time the Democratic party cleans out all the brainwashed hateful over the hill millionaires.

  4. Get the fool the nuclear codes look what you done.Not to mention he’s a Chinese communist sold out to the Chinese liberals are idiots you’re getting what you deserve get out of my country period

  5. Maybe you and others should have said something BEFORE the election… what good are you now

  6. The Biden family is very cohesive and very corrupt, using Joe’s political heft and tax money in shady deals with the Chinese communists.
    There does not appear to be the will and courage among our leaders to expose and prosecute these widely known crimes.
    Add that to the obvious malfeasance of governance occurring on the border and the country is sitting on a smoking powder keg.

  7. Agree with all posts! One can see that Biden is a temperamental BULLY! Always has been. And he will get us in another war in the Middle East soon, if he, Harris and Piglosi are not removed post haste!

  8. It ws reported that “Biden’s temper, and his willingness to unleash it in small group settings, was one reason the people closest to him often avoided pushing him too hard to change his ways or take a particular course of action.”

    Is it his Alzheimer/Dementia that makes him hard to deal with? Many with this irreversible condition are combative, argumentative and dangerous to be around for the care giver or anyone else. They may depend on a spouse or child an be easy going until confrunted but eventually, they have to be confined to lock-down memory care. There are no drugs to stop Alzheimer/Dementia, only slow the progression of the disease. He is not my president no Camel my vp.

  9. Lets force the IRS to put off paying Taxes for a few years. NO money to waste for the Democrats and for the GOP if they get in. STOP the foolish spending that will ruin us. Covid bill spent only 9% of the money on Covid. 91% went to Democrat PORK like bailing out California (50 billion), Illinois (20 billion, New York (28 billion). Now California can afford to give teachers (that are not teaching) a BONUS. The bone-us is that the red states are lined up and they BONED-US!!! Get rid of the Biden trashy administration NOW!

  10. Good information. I previousally to spend alot of my time sailing and watching sports. It was probably the most memorable time of my past and your info kind of brought back me of that time. Thanks

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