New book will expose Big Tech election interference

Big Tech is about to be exposed.

Breitbart reports that one of its investigative reporters, Allum Bokhari, is getting ready to release a book that will explain how Big Tech platforms use artificial intelligence algorithms to target and suppress conservatives. 

This is going to be big

The book is called “#DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election.” 

In it, Bokhari interviews someone who has worked for Big Tech companies, including Google and Twitter, for a period of more than a decade. This individual explained to Bokhari what he referred to as these companies’ “quality ranking” system.

According to Breitbart, “This secret score, which has eerie similarities to China’s ‘social credit’ system, is used by tech platforms to determine whether their users are a source of value for the company, or whether they are ‘abusive,’ and a detriment to other users.” The key, here, according to this insider, is the word “abusive.”

A new definition

The algorithms, although more sophisticated these days, are nothing new. They have been used for a while to identify abusive behavior.

Abusive, according to Bokhari’s source, used to just apply to “non-political behaviors like spamming and the posting of obscene content.” But, this has changed. “Abusive” now includes the political right.

Breitbart reports, “These algorithms are being taught, by Big Tech’s most anti-Trump employees, that ‘abusive’ behavior includes things like ‘hate speech,’ ‘misinformation,’ the posting of ‘conspiracy theories,’ and other behaviors subject to highly political definitions.”

The end result is censorship of the conservative viewpoint, and Breitbart itself has already been a victim of this censorship.


Back in July, Breitbart published a report showing how Google has been manipulating its search platform so as to drive down traffic to conservative news sites. The outlet demonstrated how its own search visibility on Google has dropped by 99.7 percent since 2016.

According to Breitbart, this dropoff occurred in three stages, with the last one coming just in May. The outlet reported:

The third took place in May of this year, after which (1) unless a user types “Breitbart” into the search bar (and even then), they are highly unlikely to get any Breitbart content search results, and (2) Breitbart search results for “Joe Biden” and other Biden-related search terms have gone to zero. Even if you specifically search for Breitbart News headlines, you are unlikely to find them in Google search.

It is becoming pretty clear that Big Tech is running massive election interference. Hopefully, at the very least, Bokhari’s book will alert more people to this fact.

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