New children’s books series is being promoted as an alternative to today’s “garbage” and “indoctrination”

Wouldn’t it be nice if, once again, quality children’s literature that teaches reading skills and life lessons were being produced rather than woke propaganda? A new book series is being published that has this as its goal.

The new Children series is called “Heroes of Liberty,” and it uses the stories of great historical and contemporary Americans as the basis for moral lessons. 

An alternative to today’s “garbage” and “indoctrination”

Bethany Mandel, the editor of “Heroes of Liberty,” recently pitched the book series to Fox Business viewers.

She noted, “the best children’s books are inevitably the old books because the production value has decreased, along with the messaging.” Mandel said that people realize that contemporary Children’s literature is “garbage” and leftist “indoctrination,” but that the problem is that “there’s never been an alternative that’s not garbage itself or indoctrination itself.”

This, Mandel said, is the purpose of “Heroes of Liberty:” to provide parents with good literature for their children that contain good morals, while at the same time helping to raise the child’s reading level through the use of complex vocabulary and syntax.

And, the subject matter for the series is great Americans.

Reagan, Sowell, Limbaugh, and more

During her interview with Fox Business, Mandel gave some examples of the Americans who will be featured in the book series. Each book will focus on one.

One example is the economist Thomas Sowell. According to Fox, the book on Sowell “tells the story of perseverance and a self-made man, a Black man who grew up in poverty during segregation who nonetheless became an influential public intellectual and the author of dozens of books.”

Another book will feature former President Ronald Reagan. Here, Fox reports:

The Ronald Reagan book recounts the victory over communist Russia, peppered with stories about Reagan’s personal life. It tells of a young Reagan who dragged his drunk father in from the snow, saving his life, and it tells of a President Reagan who helped an unemployed man get a job after the man had saved a blind man’s life.

And, this one may surprise some, but the book series will also feature the late conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. Mandel explained why Limbaugh was included in the series, saying:

Kids are afraid of being offensive. The message in the Rush book is, basically, he spoke his mind and that was a good thing. He was so important that President Barack Obama had to listen.

Looking ahead

The “Heroes of Liberty” series launched on November 15. A new book is expected to be released each month. Some other Americans who will be featured are Amy Coney Barrett, John Wayne, Margaret Thatcher, Mark Twain, Doulas MacArthur, and Alexander Hamilton.

We could certainly use more literature like this today to combat the woke propaganda that has taken over our education system.

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