New details emerge regarding evidence collection mistakes during Mar-a-Lago raid

 June 12, 2024

The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago shocked a lot of people, including former President Donald Trump. Until recently, all the details of the raid were not made available to the general public. 

According to Newsweek, in the latest round of court filings to be made public, new details emerged regarding the raid on Trump's Florida estate, and some of them were shocking.

As Special Counsel Jack Smith battles to keep the classified documents case alive after the trial was "indefinitely" delayed by the judge, Trump's lawyers are in full offensive mode.

This week, they filed a motion to have the case tossed due to their claims that the FBI carried out "destruction of important exculpatory evidence."

What's going on?

Trump's defense attorneys are honing in on the evidence-collecting procedure carried out by the feds and are crying foul on how the FBI handled the evidence it collected from Mar-a-Lago.

Newsweek noted:

Trump's legal team noted in the filing that Special Counsel Jack Smith's office recently acknowledged that some boxes of evidence were not in their "original, intact" form and may be in a different order from when they were digitally scanned.

In Trump's motion, his lawyers attached an exhibit that "provides precise details on how the FBI carried out its search of Mar-a-Lago nearly two years ago. This includes noting that agents said they temporarily kept potentially sensitive materials on a coffee table and covered them with a sheet to prevent them from being viewed by those without the authority to do so," Newsweek reported.

The filing detailed the movements and decisions made by the FBI's "filter team," which is a specialized team of agents who seize important documents.

The outlet noted:

While they waited for a key to open the storage room, the filter team searched furniture and other items in plain view for classified materials. The team also searched a second-floor office location known as the "45 Office," which had two primary rooms.

Clearly, Trump's defense lawyers are trying to highlight imperfections in how the evidence -- much of it classified -- was collected during the raid.

Social media reacts

As Trump's lawyers continue to attempt to have the case thrown out completely, social media users reacted to the news from the latest court filings.

"Crooked FBI agents? How usual," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Fruits of the poisonous tree. This is what happens when you issues guns and badges to accountants, i.e. FB👁️goons pretending to be LE agents."

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