New details emerge regarding GOP congresswoman’s death

Republicans were saddened to learn last month that a member of their House delegation had died in a car accident. This week, new details surrounding her death were released. 

On Thursday, The Daily Wire cited a statement put out by the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department concerning the August 3 crash that killed Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski along with three others.

The statement explained that Walorski was riding in a Toyota being driven by staff member Zachery Potts at “excessive speed” as he attempted to pass a flatbed truck.

“The Toyota was observed slowing, as what was described as creating distance between the truck and the Toyota,” it stated. “The Toyota was then observed accelerating to a high rate of speed, closing the distance to the unidentified truck.

“Excessive speed”

“As the Toyota neared the rear of the truck, it swerved into the southbound lane at which it collided with the southbound Buick,” the statement continued.

“All cell phone information was examined from all occupants of both vehicles. There is no evidence or information that phones were being used prior to or during the crash,” the report noted.

In addition to causing the deaths of Walorski and Potts, the crash also claimed the lives of fellow staff member Emma Thomson and Edith Schmucker, who was driving the Buick.

“An absolute firecracker”

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel expressed fond memories of Walorski on Twitter shortly after learning of her death.

McDaniel recalled in a subsequent tweet how she and Walorski “would often travel on the same flight from Detroit to DC.”

“She was an absolute firecracker and I feel blessed to have been able to spend so much time with her,” McDaniel stressed.

“The entire Republican National Committee is praying for her family, as well as the families of the two staff who were also tragically killed.”