New evidence suggests that the Dems’ midterm strategy is failing

The Democrats’ plan to use the abortion issue to win voters over in the midterm election appears to be unraveling, according to a new report from Breitbart News. 

The Democrats have been pushing the abortion issue ever since the unprecedented leak of the draft U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade. 

Up until this point, the Democrats were in desperate need of something to run on in the midterms. And, polls were predicting that the Democrats would get wiped out in the 2022 elections, handing Congress back over to Republicans.

Republicans are still favored to win back the House. But, after the Democrats started pushing the abortion issue as their chief midterm strategy, the Republicans’ lead in the polls shrunk.

The abortion issue is “collapsing”

Now, according to Breitbart, there are signs that the abortion issue is “collapsing” for the Democrats.

For part of its report, Breitbart cites new polling out of Arizona. Arizona is home to Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ), who is a co-sponsor of the “Women’s Health Protection Act,” a radical pro-abortion bill that would federalize the right to have an abortion with virtually no limits.

What the poll shows is that Arizona voters, largely, are not on board with Kelly’s bill.

The pollster, CRC Research, reports:

Upon learning that the Women’s Health Protection Act allows abortions up until birth and eliminates nearly all existing limits on abortion, more than half (53%) of registered voters in Arizona oppose the legislation. More than 3-in-4 (78%) Republicans and a plurality (48%) of Independents oppose the legislation, in addition to 28% of Democrats. Senator Kelly is a cosponsor of the legislation.

A bigger issue

Many have predicted that America’s flailing economy will be what drives the outcome of the midterm elections – that the Democrats’ attempt to use abortion to distract Americans’ from their economic woes will ultimately fail.

The polls would support this prediction.

Breitbart, for its report, cites several polls, both local to Arizona and national, showing that the economy – not abortion – is the top area of concern for voters heading into the midterms.

If this remains true over the next few weeks, then Republicans are likely to win big in November.