New Hampshire Dems rebel against Joe Biden's demands for new primary calendar

 September 2, 2023

New Hampshire has defied an order from the Democrat National Committee establishing a new presidential nominating calendar.

Back in February, the DNC voted to move Iowa and New Hampshire from their longtime positions at the top of the primary schedule. However, this move clearly hasn't been received well by local Democrats.

Neither New Hampshire or Iowa has reached a resolution and it is looking like the revamped primary schedule won't be implemented in time if at all.

This poses a big issue for President Joe Biden who has been one of the biggest advocates of the new primary schedule. As it turns out, Biden's influence with the Democrat Party isn't as strong as many thought.

Democrat rebellion

New Hampshire Democratic Party chair Ray Buckley issued a statement saying, "Granite Staters appreciate and respect the responsibility of the over 100-year tradition of the First in the Nation New Hampshire primary. They understand New Hampshire has a special place in the history of American politics and their place in it. We look forward to continuing that tradition here next year, and in the years to come."

The new primary schedule is being pushed by Biden and Democrat Party leadership to lead the primary with states that have a greater portion of Black and Hispanic voters.

Buckley also argued that the new schedule that is "mind-boggling" and a "self-inflicted wound" that will hurt Democrats in New England.

Since New Hampshire is significantly White with few major urban areas, Democrats want to move states like Nevada and South Carolina with their more diverse populations and urban centers to the beginning of the calendar.

This move is yet another reminder that the Democrat Party actively disdains its White voters in blue states.

The new schedule would have South Carolina as the first primary in February of 2024. New Hampshire and Nevada will be next with Georgia and Michigan in the following weeks.

Identity politics rules all

In today's Democrat Party, all that matters is demographics and identity politics. Longstanding traditions will be thrown out in favor of furthering racial politics.

However, President Biden's focus on changing the primary schedule is confusing considering that the primary isn't important for him. While he is facing competition, Biden isn't in any serious danger of losing the nomination.

It is possible that Biden is worried about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who is running a spirited campaign that is threatening to eat into Biden's support.

This will be a situation to keep an eye on, especially as election season draws nearer. Such unrest and dissonance in the Democrat Party speaks to greater issues going into 2024.

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